How To Do Tshirt Screen Printing

I’ve been thinking of having a few t-shirts designed, then having someone do the screen printing for me. I’ve always loved plain white tees with cute designs. I’ve also been craving for vintage t-shirts with rock ‘n roll designs, but I’m an XXS, so I can barely find any t-shirt that fits me well.

I typed “t shirts screen print” on Google and I came up with a few results. It seems that there are several types of t-shirt screen printing nowadays, some using digital technology to ensure that the results are just as you designed them. I wanted to know how much money, time, and effort it takes to have a tshirt design screen printed and my mind started to spin after a while. So, for everyone who wants the Basics 101 on Tshirt Screen Printing, below are a few pointers and tips.

  • The simpler the design, the better. Simple designs ensure that what works in theory will also work in reality. In other words, an elaborate design with many colors might not translate exactly as you thought it would. When learning how to do t-shirt screen printing, a simple design works better, especially if you are also under a certain budget.
  • Use common colors. Yes, using sea green and frappuccino brown on your t-shirt design will definitely look great on your computer screen… but does the t-shirt screen printing company have those colors? They might not look as good on your t-shirt when they start mixing colors that “resemble” the ones you used. To avoid that problem, use the more common colors. When learning how to do t-shirt screen printing, as a rule, colors that first-graders know of are safe colors.
  • Always request for a test t-shirt screen print. Some companies will tell you they don’t give out samples. So, after you order fifty t-shirts with your design, you find out it doesn’t look half as good as you expected. That would have been avoidable if only you requested for a sample t-shirt to begin with. Knowing how to do t-shirt screen printing means always knowing what the design looks on a t-shirt before mass production.
  • Wear the t-shirt. The final product may look good on the rack or on a hanger, but will the design warp when you wear it? Will the print disappear under your arms when you wear the t-shirt? People who know how to do t-shirt screen printing will wear the t-shirt with the screen printed design and see if the design stays unwarped and the entire design is still visible.

T-shirt screen printing doesn’t have to be as messy as it sounds. All you need are a few good t-shirts, a good t-shirt design, and some know-how on t-shirt screen printing. Eventually, if you want to become an expert on how to do t-shirt screen printing, go ahead and do it. Experience will give you a first-hand chance to learn, yes? FYI, you may purchase some t-shirts from port authority clothing and have your designs printed on them. Winking smile

Kate Lanphear’s Accessories

When it comes to fashion icons and accessorizing, Kate Lanphear immediately comes to mind. She knows no limit when it comes to piling on accessories – and she pulls off the look with aplomb. Kate Lanphear’s accessories have helped catapult her from style director to fashion icon as her baubles have become a vital part of her signature look.

kate lanphear

Kate Lanphear rocks the rock chick look, pun not intended. She uses a lot of leather cuffs, studded bangles and cuffs, silver bracelets, and mixes them altogether to come up with a devil-may-care ensemble.

kate lanphear accessories

kate lanphear accessories 2

Kate Lanphear’s accessories also include statement clutches, bags, shoes, and vests. She wears relatively simple shirts, but layers on bedazzled vests or fur coats and finds the most amazing heels and shoes to go with her look. Her look can be summarized in four letters: cool.

kate lanphear

Despite the monochromatic palette of her wardrobe, she still manages to look different each day. It’s something when you find your signature style and you find ways to still be as versatile as you possibly can with black, white, and shades of grey.

Kate Lanphear’s accessories will always be something she will be remembered for in the world of fashion. Black, leather, and silver have never looked this good.

How To Dress In Style

Fashion is such a lucrative business, if you know how to go about with it. Just type “women clothing” on Google and you will be overwhelmed by thousands of search engine results, all catering to fashion items for women which you can buy either through actual stores or through online purchases. Fashion has become a world of its own, growing, feeding upon itself, building its own empires, kings, and queens. And for the woman who wants to know how to dress in style, it takes more than just having a Balenciaga motorcycle bag on your arms and Christian Louboutin shoes in your closet.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Is red not your favorite color? Have you never worn gladiator heels before? Then it’s time that you did. When you experiment, you look new and come up with fresh ensembles, which is the secret of most fashion icons: they always seem to look different without losing their identity. If you want to learn how to dress in style, don’t be afraid to try something new once in a while.
  • Invest in accessories. This is personally my favorite tip. Most people wouldn’t dare buy a boring grey tank top because it doesn’t look fashionable at all. But wear it with the right necklaces and perhaps use a chic blazer or jacket with it, and you transform a drab grey tank top to a great baseline for accessorizing! Learning how to dress in style is also about learning to use accessories to make plain clothes look fab.
  • Don’t be a brand snob. Let’s face it, fashion is a business. People in fashion earn their buck by selling women’s clothes using different marketing strategies. For instance, high-end fashion designers capitalize on the concept of status symbols, using their products as emblems of the elite and pricing them at ridiculously high prices. Don’t be fooled; learning how to dress in style means not jumping on the “brand” wagon every single time. Even wholesale clothing can look very expensive if you know how to wear it with aplomb.

dress in style

If you want to know how to dress in style, you don’t have to start with a fortune and a knowledge of everything designer. All you need is to hone your instincts, to be honest with yourself, and to develop an adventurous spirit in terms of fashion. Smile

How to Wear Clogs

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Look around in your favorite shoe store and you will see a lot of clogs. Yes, clogs are back, in many designs, both old and revamped. If you want to learn about how to wear clogs, read on and get on the trend wagon.


  • Clogs are best worn with bottoms that go above your knees. Clogs tend to look clunky, a trait that is minimized when you wear clogs with anything short. Wear your clogs with shorts and minis… unless you want to look like you are Dutch milkmaid.
  • Choose clogs in a classic design. Skip the feathers and the lacey ribbons. Go for basic, streamlined clogs so that you don’t look dated. Clogs that have too many details tend to look tacky, something you don’t ever want to be labeled as.
  • Look for clogs with slimmer heels. Clogs with slim heels look more chic and modern and are easier to pair with skirts and dresses.


Try not to go crazy with clogs. Avoid extremely high platforms and clogs if you want your look to remain elegant. There are all sorts of clogs out in the market now; all you have to do is pick the right one for you and learn how to wear clogs – and feel inches taller with pride. Smile

clog heels

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Headband Trends

Headbands have undergone an evolution. Headband trends for this year are an amalgam of all headband trends past and present, ranging from thin headbands, thick headbands, bows, and even those worn across the forehead, the way hippies do it. And if you’re looking to spice up your outfit, you don’t have to save up for a bag or a shoe; all you have to do is update your hairdo with a headband and your look will instantly be transformed.

If you are not in the habit of styling your hair, headbands are the way to go. Headband trends nowadays allow for almost anything, giving us girls the leeway to style our hair according to what fits us. For inspiration, here are a few headband trends you should not miss out on:

Thin headbands are very basic and very easy to pull off. They do the job of keeping your hair tame and put together while giving you the chance to add a pop of color to your outfit. Try pastel colors to make you look more youthful. You can also wear thin headbands while wearing your hair up or tying your hair in a ponytail.

thin headband

Thick headbands may not be as flattering for some people, but you can “cheat” your way into pulling it off by letting your hair fall across your cheeks instead of letting the headband catch all of your hair. That way, your face will still be framed by your hair.

thick headband

Hippie headbands are a favorite trend among celebrities, where the headband is worn across the forehead. Stick to colors that don’t look too bold if you’re afraid of going overboard with this trend. You can also go for headbands made of synthetic hair to give the illusion that you are using your own hair to cop this look.

hippie headband

I’m sticking to basics for now because going for too many friends is like putting too much seasoning in your food: it is bound not to taste good. And when it’s your first time to experiment with headbands, it’s best to do so with the basic headband trends first. Find what suits you; the self-discovery will be worth it. Winking smile

How to Dress Fashionably

Yes, fashion is definitely evolving. Even a zipper hooded sweatshirt can look chic, given the right accessories and the right attitude. If you want to know how to dress fashionably, below are a few basic tips you can follow.

  • Know your body type. Accept your flaws – and know how to draw attention away from them. Even models and your favorite fashion icons have flaws, believe it or not, and all it takes is an honest-to-goodness look in the mirror. Knowing how to dress with style means dressing according to your body type… and don’t feel bad if a certain dress doesn’t suit you. There are many other clothes that you can wear with confidence, yes?
  • Windowshop more. Some people feel that they have very few clothes that look good on them because they don’t really go around looking for clothes that much. When you windowshop more often and go through women clothes catalogs more than you usually do, you are bound to find fashionable clothes more frequently. Knowing how to dress with style means acknowledging the fact that outfits don’t just drop on your lap; you have to find them.
  • Draw inspiration from everyday experiences. Magazines, websites, fashion icons, friends, and even people in the street can serve as your inspiration for new looks and outfits. You might never have thought of pairing a really dressy top with almost-faded cutoff jeans if you hadn’t seen someone else wearing it. Learning how to dress with style means borrowing ideas from everyone else. Just don’t force it if it doesn’t look good on you.
  • Don’t go designer-crazy. Designer items can be a great investment, but only if you can afford them. There are stores that offer less expensive items who go for competitive pricing while still giving quality clothes, shoes and accessories. They cater to the masses, which is admittedly the larger target market. And when it comes to fashion bloggers, many have decided to rely on being smart and savvy with outfits, without having to shell out a fortune. Learning how to dress with style means not relying on designer items all the time.

dress fashionably

If you have decided to dress fashionably, then the above tips will help you. Dressing fashionably doesn’t have to mean expensive clothes and jewelry; even with affordable trinkets and clothes, you can still be very fasyon. Winking smile

Pandora Accessories

The jewelry brand Pandora has been calling out to me for ages. Pandora accessories are so crave-worthy, given their many MANY designs. If you’re a minimalist, there’s something for you in Pandora. If you’re a maximalist, Pandora is still going to be a treat for you.

A lot of accessories can be labeled as either cheap and disposable OR expensive and durable. Pandora takes the best of both worlds and offers accessories that are offered at a reasonable price and are actually durable enough to last you a long, long time.

pandora charm bracelet

pandora accessories

I took a trip to Pandora just a few days ago and I started drooling the moment I walked in the door. They have all sorts of baubles and trinkets there. Yes, the Trinket Princess was definitely happy there!

They have bracelets that appeal to the little girl in us. They also have more mature, more elegant collections that you could purchase as a set. How nice is that, having earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants that all go together? Open-mouthed smile

Their jewelry and accessories use precious stones as well. Their accessories are also available in 14k gold, something worth investing in. Imagine all your fashion accessories slowly tarnishing and fading because they were only painted with gold-colored finish… and imagine having saved the money from all those disposable accessories and investing them in a 14k gold accessory from Pandora instead. Wouldn’t that have been a worthwhile exchange?

I also loved their Liquid Silver collection. They had different Pandora accessories that seemed to be “melting”, almost as if the sterling silver was actually made of water. Art and sculpture fans are sure to love Pandora’s Liquid Silver accessories and jewelry.

And to whet your appetite for accessories, here are a few of my picks from Pandora’s accessories and jewelry. I’m sure you’ll want at least one of them. Winking smile

pandora liquid silverpandora silver accessoriespandora liquid silver accessoriespandorapandorapandorapandora pendant

Autographed Suplado Tips By Stanley Chi For Sale

Sometimes, I go around the mall with just a cup of coffee or a good book in hand. Yes, coffee and books have been elevated to the status of “accessory.” Even celebrities are doing it, as more and more celebs are spotted carrying Starbucks cups or paperbacks instead of bling. And if you’re looking for a great read, try Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips.

Suplado Tips

It’s a humor book that you can relate to. It showcases how being suplado, or snotty, can bring you places and even get you out of trouble. If you sometimes feel like you’re being bullied or taken advantage of, try reading Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips and you’ll feel better.

Of course, the Trinket Princess believes in offering more than what the market can give you. Although Suplado Tips is available online through Psicom’s website and may also be purchased through National Bookstore nationwide, chances are, they might be running out of copies. But if you order from the Trinket Princess, you are guaranteed to have a copy of Suplado Tips – and an autographed copy, at that!

Yes, the Trinket Princess blog is the only place online and anywhere else that offers autographed Suplado Tips books. Suplado Tips is being sold at PhP95 in bookstores. An autographed copy sold through this blog will be worth PhP130. Isn’t that a great deal? Open-mouthed smile

Stanley Chi Ramon Bautista Suplado Tips

You can order your autographed copy of Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips through this ORDER FORM. Don’t forget to leave your name for the autograph! Winking smile

Aldo Espadrilles Look Like Prada Espadrilles

More and more stores that offer accessories as their main product are sprouting like mushrooms. Gone are the days when stores offered mainly clothes, with just a sprinkling of accessories, bags, and shoes on the side. Now, there is an increasing number of stores that focus on accessories. One store that offers interesting accessories is Aldo. They have great shoes and also have a lot of bags, earrings, bracelets and bangles, necklaces, scarves, and other trinkets to choose from. I did notice that Aldo’s Dyle espadrilles look a lot like Prada’s espadrilles.

I love browsing through their store, especially when I see the magic sign: “Up to 70% off!” Aldo’s Dyle espadrilles are made of leather, with the traditional jute all around the heels typical of espadrilles. See the resemblance to Prada’s espadrilles:

Aldo Dyle Espadrilles:aldo dyle espadrilles

Prada Espadrilles:prada espadrilles

Wearing fashionable items does not always mean buying expensive designer clothes and accessories. At a fraction of the cost of designer items, you can get quality items that are durable and equally fashionable.

I also like Aldo’s bags. Some of them are made of leather, which makes them all the more crave-worthy. However, Aldo’s earrings and necklaces are mostly fancy and disposable, so I don’t buy a lot of their jewelry. Their bags and shoes, though, are worth a second look.

Cute Computer Accessories and Laptop Skins

The Trinket Princess is all about accessories. Does this bangle go with that earring, does this bag complement that pair of shoes? Yes, I know, it may seem superficial, but it’s a form of self-expression that translates to feeling better about yourself and giving others reason to appreciate the fact that you do take time to love yourself each day.

However, when it comes to accessories, we are not just talking about fashion trinkets and baubles. There are accessories that also help us stay safe, ones that help ensure that our stuff does not get stolen. I’m blogging about computer accessories today because I just realized that as the Trinket Princess, I want to advocate not only pretty trinkets, but also purposeful ones.

During my stay at Starbucks today, a member of the staff approached me with a computer cable in hand. He asked me if I wanted to use the computer cable to ensure that my laptop does not get stolen when I leave my seat (which I do a lot). I appreciated the gesture, especially because he was actually attaching my laptop to an accessory that would keep it safe. And, as I’m really into accessories, I quite happy about it.

laptop cable

I suddenly recalled having seen many types of computer cables in all colors and assortments at the mall. Some came with dials while others came with keys. It came to me that while I’ve been investing in a lot of fashion accessories, my laptop remains plain and unprotected – and in need of trinkets. That’s a shame, of course, because I’m the Trinket Princess – and I live and breathe accessories!

I promised myself that moment that I shall visit the computer shop the next day and get myself a few computer accessories that would be worth it. I bought myself a computer cable and, as chance would have it, I also saw a laptop skin that spoke my language! It looked so rebellious, I just had to have it:

laptop skin

My laptop screen. Rebellious and thought-provoking, just the way I like it!

Yep, I’m all about accessories – even those that I don’t wear on my body. Fashion accessories are my cup of tea; at the same time, accessories that help secure my stuff – while keeping them looking cute and chic – are not far from my heart. Winking smile

Investing in a Bag

Being the ultimate princess of accessories, I went shopping today. I wanted to buy the perfect bag. I was tired of buying disposable arm candy, so I wanted to try more expensive bags. I know, I know, it’s against what the Trinket Princess stands for – which is affordable yet chic fashion – but once in a while, I have to make an investment that is pretty much worth it.

Shopping for a designer bag that is worth its price tag is not only a matter of looking for a popular brand. You have to look at workmanship and the bag’s overall design as well. So what if it’s Louis Vuitton if it’s not exactly your style? What now if it’s Bottega Veneta if it doesn’t go with the rest of your wardrobe?

I went through different shops, all equally elitist (which I hate) but beautiful (which I love). I then sauntered into Fendi. I’ve always liked the way their Spy Bag looked in magazines, but I never thought it would look so yummy! The Fendi handbags I saw in the store did not look like they were throwing up designer monograms. They looked very discreet and almost soft-spoken without actually trying to shun the limelight.

fendi spy bag

I was so tempted to purchase the Fendi Spy Bag but I knew there had to be secondhand bags somewhere else. I know, I know, I’m being stingy. But hey, I don’t have to spend every single penny in my purse just to get a hold of an original Fendi bag!

I searched online and found Fendi handbags in several websites. They were still quite pricey, but much more affordable than the Fendi bags I saw in the store. Good luck to us fashionistas in our search for inexpensive but drool-worthy accessories! Watch out for more shopping adventures courtesy of yours truly, the Trinket Princess.

Joyce Makitalo Accessories

Accessory designers in the Philippines are a dime a dozen. But most accessory designers actually buy beads and string them into elastic bracelets, instead of coming up with unique designs and having them made by  jewelry makers. Joyce Makitalo is a fresh change as she comes up with original accessories with a punch.

joyce makitalo 2

Joyce Makitalo makes accessories that are not for the faint of heart. If you are a minimalist, her accessories are probably not for you. But if you want to invest in good accessories that do not look commercial and bubblegum-pop, take one look at her accessories and you are sure to find a new addition to your jewelry collection.

For the accessories she designs, she uses semiprecious stones set in gold. They look almost ethnic and very dramatic. Her accessories are great accents and would go real well with your favorite little black dress.

Check out Joyce Makitalo’s rings below.

Rondel Ring:joyce makitalo rondel ring

Rough and Raw Ring:joyce makitalo ring


Below are some of the cuffs designed by Joyce Makitalo:

Rondel Bastion Cuff:

joyce makitalo rondel bastion cuff

Indian Compass Cuff:joyce makitalo indian compass cuff

Rough and Raw Cuff:joyce makitalo rough and raw cuff

Her pendants and necklaces are also something worth coveting:

Rondel Pendant:joyce makitalo rondel pendant

As one of the well known accessory designers in the Philippines, Joyce Makitalo continues to come up with new accessory designs. Be the talk of the party; get a hold of her accessories and you’re sure never to be dubbed boring.

*Pictures from