Makeup and Fashion

Going through personal blogs is like a “good” bad habit for me. I get to know more about other people, get a myriad of ideas for my blog, and check out what’s really in without being dictated by ad-sponsored magazines. I then came across Life and Fever, a personal blog owned by a doctor-writer. And yes, she talks about clothes and makeup.

The blogger talked about why we put on makeup and the difference it makes. She took a picture of herself without makeup, and even posted it on her blog, something I can’t do. Even better, she took a picture of her face with one eye already with makeup, while the other is bare. She wanted to show what makeup can do by making a side by side comparison.

Yes, makeup is indeed a part of almost any woman’s daily routine. Sometimes, it makes me wonder, are we trying too hard to try to be someone else, or are we just bringing out the best in ourselves? You decide.