Headband Trends

Headbands have undergone an evolution. Headband trends for this year are an amalgam of all headband trends past and present, ranging from thin headbands, thick headbands, bows, and even those worn across the forehead, the way hippies do it. And if you’re looking to spice up your outfit, you don’t have to save up for a bag or a shoe; all you have to do is update your hairdo with a headband and your look will instantly be transformed.

If you are not in the habit of styling your hair, headbands are the way to go. Headband trends nowadays allow for almost anything, giving us girls the leeway to style our hair according to what fits us. For inspiration, here are a few headband trends you should not miss out on:

Thin headbands are very basic and very easy to pull off. They do the job of keeping your hair tame and put together while giving you the chance to add a pop of color to your outfit. Try pastel colors to make you look more youthful. You can also wear thin headbands while wearing your hair up or tying your hair in a ponytail.

thin headband

Thick headbands may not be as flattering for some people, but you can “cheat” your way into pulling it off by letting your hair fall across your cheeks instead of letting the headband catch all of your hair. That way, your face will still be framed by your hair.

thick headband

Hippie headbands are a favorite trend among celebrities, where the headband is worn across the forehead. Stick to colors that don’t look too bold if you’re afraid of going overboard with this trend. You can also go for headbands made of synthetic hair to give the illusion that you are using your own hair to cop this look.

hippie headband

I’m sticking to basics for now because going for too many friends is like putting too much seasoning in your food: it is bound not to taste good. And when it’s your first time to experiment with headbands, it’s best to do so with the basic headband trends first. Find what suits you; the self-discovery will be worth it. Winking smile


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