TABA Awards 2011 Nomination

Because I’m a princess (in my own world), I know the value of accomplishment. I know the value of being crowned as the best, may it be as a blogger or any other title. This is why I want to nominate someone for the TABA Awards 2011 – and I shall send the rest of our kingdom to make sure he wins!

The TABA Awards (short for The Annual Kalsada Blog Awards) is a fun way of saluting fellow bloggers. Fun, because there is no strict and boring criteria. Fun, because the categories themselves are funny (imagine voting for the most handsome blogger!). Fun, because I’m sure that my candidate has a fighting chance.

For the TABA Awards 2011, I would like to nominate Mr. Stanley Chi of Stanley Chi as the Pinaka-Gwapong Blogger of the Year! Here are several wonderful reasons why:

  1. Suplado is the new Sexy. Go ahead, Google that catchphrase, and you’ll see how it’s actually now a fact of life! Stanley Chi, dubbed as Mr. Suplado after his book Suplado Tips sold more than 3000 copies in under three months, is like the hottest patatas in the interweb! Even the business giant UniSilver Time believes in that mantra, which is why they made a watch with “Suplado is the new Sexy” etched onto the strap! True, that!
  2. He’s so hot that said he is one of the Top Ten Sexy-Ugly Hotties! To quote, “Stanley's hot factor recently jumped from being simply nerdy college-boy crush to sexy hard-to-get hottie when he started dishing out Suplado Tips that apparently drive Pinays wild.” But I disagree about the “ugly” part – Stan is “da man” when it comes to being drop-dead, makalaglag-panty gorgeous!
  3. Even the gorgeous Iya Villania wants a little more lovin’ from Stanley Chi! Iya can’t have enough of Stanley because he’s suplado – and that makes him irresistible. Here’s a picture proving my point:stanley chi
  4. Stanley Chi is genuinely funny. And when someone’s funny, he’s so much more pogi. Stanley is a stand-up comic, a cartoonist, a TV host for a comedy show, and a humor book author. That’s funny times four!
  5. Lastly, let these pictures do the talking. He’s like Jacky Chan and Jet Li put together, but without all the violent hand chops and kicks.stanley 1stanley 2stanley 4This screen cap from his TV show is actually the one picture that did me in:stanley 3

See? He deserves to be the Pinaka-gwapong Blogger of the Year! Who else can pull off being suplado (when he’s actually really nice in person), being a bestselling author, and being almost completely naked on TV, if not someone who’s actually oozing with charm, wit, and tons of sex appeal? Stanley Chi for President!!! Er, for Pinaka-Gwapong Blogger pala. Rolling on the floor laughing