When Stripes Strike

Stripes are an all-time favorite, giving your outfit a dash of spice. Stripes are undeniably a classic pattern and shall never go out of style.

Wearing a striped top gives any so-so skirt or pair of jeans a little more flavor. The stripes provides a splash of contrasting colors, making even the most boring pants look much more interesting.

Try wearing a striped tank or camisole with a pair of jeans you rarely wear. Spice up your ensemble even more with vintage-inspired shoes or boots. Wear toned down accessories, such as a black bag and simple earrings, to give your striped top the attention it deserves.

When Stripes Strike

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Casual Chic with Denim Cut-Offs

Cut-off denims will never go out of style. You can dress them down with slip-ons for a casual day at the mall, or dress them up with heels and a blazer for a chic ensemble. If you feel that stilettos are too difficult to wear for a long day, try wearing wedges instead for the extra height without the pinched toes.

summer casual chic

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Outfit Collage: Floral Pink

Wearing pink brings out your girly side, but it may prove too saccharine for most. Here’s one way for you to wear pink and still look chic, sans the cotton candy feel. Try wearing a pink floral summer dress, pink sandals, and, of course, pink accessories. Bring out your bubbly personality with an all-out pink outfit!

A floral pink ensemble would be perfect for a day in the park. I can imagine myself relaxing to my heart's content, feeling pretty in my unapologetically pink outfit.

Floral Pink

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Wearing Fashionable Eyeglasses

Wearing eyeglasses can either be a blessing or a bane. For instance, a lot of people feel that their look is limited because they wear glasses. Others, however, make the most of their poor eyesight by wearing fab eyewear, almost as if having anything less than 20-20 vision is a great excuse to make a fashion statement.

And then there are those who have absolutely perfect vision but still choose to wear glasses. Yes, glasses can transform your look. Think Clark Kent and his glasses: whenever he takes them off, he is immediately recognizable as Superman. But with those glasses, he looks too different from Superman. Well, of course, no eyeglasses in real life will bring about that transformation, but you get the picture.


Tina Fey wearing fashionable eyeglasses

Fashion revolves around style and, fortunately, even our own little flaws can help us become unique fashion-wise. If you have poor eyesight, go for designer eyeglasses that makes quite a statement. Glasses with unique frame shapes and colors almost always do the trick. However, if wearing eyeglasses makes you look too geeky, there are always frameless glasses that do the job without changing the way you look too much.


In the end, anything you wear can become a fashion statement. Shoes, bags, accessories, and yes, even your eyewear can be considered accessories, so choose them wisely. And if you want quality eyewear, go for designer eyeglasses that weigh much lighter than other cheaper alternatives.


Try on several frames before you settle for one. Then, put it on for a minute or so to see if they are too heavy or seem uncomfortable. Make sure you have the fit adjusted accordingly. After all, fashion is not only about how you present yourself to the rest of the world; it’s also about how comfortable you are in your own skin – with or without those glasses.

Web Traffic Control: Scam or Not?

Recently, I received an email saying that I was qualified for a free account at Web Traffic Control, a website that offered automated advertising for Wordpress blogs. At first, I thought, great! It’s a free offer, so I might as well try it. Then, in the middle of my application, I started to wonder: Is the Web Traffic Control website a scam or not?

web traffic controlI then started to sign up. After I entered my blog information, it asked me to make an editor account on my Wordpress blog. I was about to do that, when it dawned on me that they were basically asking me to let them control my blog.

Wait a minute. Why didn’t they want an author account? An author account can publish blog posts, edit posts that have already been published, and schedule posts. Is that not enough (to think that creating an Author account for a company I’m not familiar with is already scary enough for me)?

Apparently, the Web Traffic Control website needs an Editor account on Wordpress to create new categories. Shouldn’t they just ask me to create new categories for them instead of asking me to just hand over my blog?

I balked. I shied away from the, um, “free” account given me. I’m sure that it’s just some marketing scheme they thought of to make signing up seem more enticing.

Actually, Web Traffic Control promised that their minimum price for each paid post on your blog is $15. Hm, not bad, which is why I started to sign up in the first place.

Perhaps Web Traffic Control is not a scam. Or maybe it is. But I’ll never really know until something happens to prove either point. In any case, I was too scared to tweak my Wordpress blog and give them almost full control of it, just for $15 blog posts. The Trinket Princess would rather get paid $5 for each post as long as nobody messes with my blog’s settings.

Stanley Chi hosts The Suplado Show on Dig Radio

This year, Stanley Chi released his fourth book, Suplado Tips, and the Philippines became suplado.

A few months after that, his book sold all out. There goes his publishing house PSICOM, clapping happily, going forward with the first reprinting after just three months of releasing Suplado Tips.

A few months after that, UniSilver Time got Stanley Chi as their endorser, side by side with Iya Villania and Sam Milby. And what does Stanley Chi say? “Daig ng suplado ang gwapo!” With that, he flashes his Suplado Watch, the limited edition watch from UniSilver Time, and Iya Villania comes chasing after him:

suplado watch

A few months after that, Stanley Chi comes out with his very own internet radio show, The Suplado Show. It’s airing online at Dig Radio (which used to be NU 107, my favorite radio station).

suplado show

And a few months from now, 3000 books later, his own watch line later, Iya Villania chasing after him later, and an internet radio show later, I’m sure that Stanley Chi has more up his sleeve to show the world that yes, being suplado has its good points (like when your boss wants you to stay beyond office hours without overtime pay).

Most of all – and this is something that the Trinket Princess can relate to – Suplado is the new sexy! You better believe it.