Angelina Jolie’s Leg

Angelina Jolie started her own meme last Oscars Awards Night 2012 – rather, Angelina Jolie’s leg started it all. On the red carpet, she flashed her leg was too much – and perhaps way too awkwardly? – until everyone started to notice.

Angelina Jolie’s leg even overshadowed the wonderful black dress from Versace which she donned that night. Aw, what a pity. But the leg issue is much more fun to cover right now. So let’s give the leg some leg room, shall we?

Here is the pose that made all the ruckus during the 2012 Oscars. Look at Angelina Jolie’s leg, sticking out like it wants to upstage Angelina herself.

Angelina's right leg

The black velvet dress from Versace which she was wearing that night simply bowed down to the media hype that Angelina’s leg caused! In fact, even fellow celebrities noticed how “the leg” wanted its own space in the red carpet. For instance, she received a little mockery from Jim Rash, who tried to copy her pose after Angelina presented the awards for Adapted Screenplay (which the wonderful film The Descendants won, by the way). Just look at Angelina, then Jim Rash. Again, Angelina, then Jim Rash. LOL!

Angelina JolieJim Rash

Angelina Jolie’s leg has gotten so much attention that it now has its very own… drum roll please… Twitter account! Tada! Here it is, a screenshot of Angie’s Right Leg on Twitter:

Angiesrightleg Twitter

And the rest of the online world started to take notice as well as Angelina Jolie’s right leg started to go wildly viral. The netizens provided their own versions of Angelina Jolie’s right leg on many of our own pop icons.

Darth MaulSistine Chapel MichelangeloStatue of Liberty

But okay, enough about Angelina’s right leg. It has gotten quite a lot of attention and won’t get jealous of the attention we are about to give Angelina’s outfit. It’s a funny coincidence that right now, even NCIS is showing an episode where an amputated leg has been the object of an investigation… Or did NCIS mean to show this to join the hype?

Angelina wore a wonderful black gown from Atelier Versace. It had a full train that made the dress quite amazing on the red carpet. Oh, of course, there was that slit that ran up Angelina’s thigh that made this dress all the more memorable. She wore this dress with pumps from Salvatore Ferragamo. A wonderful ensemble, truly.

People say that perhaps Angelina was trying to upstage Jennifer Aniston. Maybe Angelina was not content with just having Brad Pitt after Jennifer Aniston; maybe she also wanted her leg to have it all. Look at Angelina’s right leg, then Jennifer Aniston’s… Angelina’s leg, then Jennifer’s. Hahaha.

Angelina JolieJennifer Aniston

That was Jennifer Aniston last 2010 during the Golden Globes. She flashed some skin and her legs got a lot of attention. Now, Angelina Jolie’s right leg wants a piece of that cake. Or maybe they both like Brad Pitt… and they both like thigh-high slits? What do you think?

Oh, and please don’t follow Angelina Jolie’s leg on Twitter. Or maybe you should, just to poke fun on how celebrities sometimes make mistakes on the red carpet. They are just human, after all.

Midriff Fashion Trend 2012

Life has been frustrating lately. The trend for tummy-baring midriffs has finally come back to town and, as chance would have it, I am no longer that flat-tummied girl who can pull off anything. Sigh. But despite my bitterness, I shall rant and rave about midriffs because they are different from the original trend of decades past.

Midriffs nowadays no longer show the belly button. They tend to favor the woman’s curves by highlighting the upper area of the abdomen, which is actually the last part of the abdomen that stores fat. In other words, even the curvier girls just might be able to pull this off.

Many designers have jumped in the fashion bandwagon by parading midriff clothes in the runway this 2012. Spring 2012 is then the official month of the midriff trend. Let’s all look at the extra skin found just below a man’s favorite ogling spot.

Prada 2012

When I saw this picture from Prada, I immediately remembered how I used to have a pink bathing suit top that looks just like the top the model is wearing above. Ah, brings back memories.

Acne 2012

An ensemble from Acne, which is one of my favorite names. But this attire is not exactly one of my favorites. It looks lousy, but I like the idea of pairing a cute black skirt with a midriff grey knit top.

Anthony Vaccarello

Anthony Vaccarello’s number sizzled in the pic above! Maybe it’s the slicked back hair or the skimpy black outfit. Okay, it’s’ the skimpy black outfit.

Aquilano.Rimondi 2012

A classy number from Aquilano.Rimondi from his Spring 2012 collection. This is midriff fashion at its best. It shows just the right amount of skin and the dress is quite pretty in itself.

Band of Outsiders 2012

Here is an outfit put together by Band of Outsiders for Spring 2012. Big skirt, small black tube top, and a long jacket. A nice concept, but I wouldn’t wear it.

Bill Blass 2012

The above attire by Bill Blass makes me want to go on a yacht. I love the look! The blazer would hide my flab. The footwear is also my kind of thing.

Dolce & Gabbana 2012

And then there’s Dolce & Gabbana. This looks like something that Carrie would wear in SATC. It’s midriff plus fruits. I’m craving for juice but I want to lose weight – wow, fashion has so many levels.

Emilio Pucci 2012

One of my favorite midriff attires is this one by Emilio Pucci. I fell in love with every element: the black cross pendant, the white on white pattern, the full skirt, the midriff sleeved top. Gorgeous.

Helmut Lang 2012

If you need something a little more modern, Helmut Lang just might have something for you. It’s midriff with a twist, what with the asymmetrical patterns.

Nina Ricci 2012

A cute ensemble by Nina Ricci! I’m quite attracted to the headgear; it looks nice on the runway but I don’t think I can wear that on any occasion whatsoever. But I love the tube top because it has volume.

Well, there you go, a few pictures to inspire you on the midriff trend this season. It’s almost summer, so we better be doing a few more sit-ups if we want to be able to pull off this look!

K-Pop Fashion in the Philippines

Koreans are everywhere. They’re on TV, they’re in my FM radio station, they’re in my food, and they’re in everything I want to wear! Yes, the K-pop culture has exploded and its fallout has involved even the world of fashion.

So, yes, the K-pop fashion is something I should really feature on my blog. Even Korean hairstyles, which we once thought of as tacky and almost childish, are fast becoming the rage. So, kudos to the Koreans for making it work, and for making us salivate over Korean pop culture.

Enough words. On with the K-pop pictures!

2ne1 k-pop

This is perhaps the most popular girl K-pop band in the Philippines: 2ne1! I still try to play with how the name of their band is pronounced. Is it like the number 21? Or is it “to anyone”? Hmm. Okay, while I figure that out, notice the burst of colors in all their outfits. I personally believe it’s a little too much, and that these attires are trends that will very soon fade, but they’re nice to look at while they last.


Another group shot of 2ne1. K-pop fashion is really out there. But their outfits here are a lot more wearable.


The shot above is of 4minute. Notice how almost all of them have fringe? Fringe (bangs) is so K-pop!


Another K-pop sensation, f(x), showing their bangs and topsy-turvy style. I am way too scared to invest in K-pop clothing because I know they will look dated a year from now. But I do feel a teeny tiny bit of envy because they all look like they jumped out of a fashion magazine.

korean fashion

This is supposed to be the regular outfit of a Korean. Modest enough, but still very edgy.

Of course, K-pop fashion is not just for us girls. The men have been sporting Korean hairstyles, with their hair brushed to the front, the cuts a little longer, and the styles a little more feminine than the world is used to.


The picture above is of SHINee, a popular Korean all-boy band. I will kill my boyfriend if he so much as tries to look like a K-pop boy! I hope I don’t offend anyone who does look a little too kpop…

Wonder Girls

Last but not the least, here is a group shot of Wonder Girls. Koreans and other almond-eyed Asians (Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, Japanese) are scouting the fringed hair, plus they love the schoolgirl outfit very much. Funny how their schoolgirl fashion usually has neckties. In the Philippines, how many schools have neckties in their uniforms? Anyhow, it’s a K-pop frenzy out there. No choice but to enjoy it while it lasts.

Midcalf Skirts Trend

Have you ever worn mid-calf skirts? They are so unflattering, unless you have really skinny legs. But they are such a hot trend this year and last year that I just have to make them a special mention. Midcalf skirts do not do much to flatter you because they end right where your legs seem fat and stubby. Remember the fashion tenet where your skirt’s hem should fall on that area of your leg that looks skinny? Well, a mid-calf skirt would break that rule.

Despite my rant on the mid-calf skirt, I want to applaud all of you ladies who did try this trend last year. Girl, you are fierce if you pulled this off! And if you haven’t yet but want to, then try this trick: wear super ultra high heels with your mid calf skirt so that your calves would look thinner and your legs would look longer.

Noteworthy are the mid calf skirts by the following designers. Boy, do I love looking at catwalk pictures. They inspire me to do better and dress better! And they make me lust after midcalf skirts and dresses, sigh.

Charles Anastase 2011

Charles Anastase obviously likes the nerd office girl look. And, I have to admit, it looks really nice with the above attire. The top and skirt per se look boring, but the clutch and shoes – not to mention the thick-rimmed glasses – added a boost. Good, because that boost was much needed.

Clements Ribeiro 2011

And the mid-calf dress by Clements Ribeiro is so… yellow! Bright! Sunny! Very summery, indeed, but this actually came from his Spring 2011 collection. I would tone it down with a boring tote and shoes. And I would wear my hair down.

Donna Karan 2011

Oh, yes, Donna Karan, I love how you always manage to pull off white clothes. I like the blazer and the dress. I have not worn an all-white dress in a long time and this would be something I might wear if I’m in the mood.

Emporio Armani

I wanted to show the photo above because it made me think of UFOs, aliens, and everything in the 25th century. Talk about the future! This is from Emporio Armani Spring 2011.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani goes classic with a tube mid-calf dress but spices it up with a glittery vest. I love the shoes, too.

Jeremy Laing

Now, the picture above shows you just how hard it is to pull off the midcalf trend. Doesn’t the model look awkward? She is skinny and sexy, but the mid-calf cut of the dress ends right on that part of her leg that looks fullest. Not too flattering.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Oh, talk about the eighties! Marc by Marc Jacobs released this look last year (Spring 2011). The frizzy hair, yellow shoes, and grey jersey clothes are almost a remake of decades past.

Prabal Gurung 2011

If you’re a fan of color blocks, go for Prabal Gurung and try their mid-calf dress. I won’t wear this dress, however, because it is so not my color

Proenza Schouler 2011

Now, this midcalf dress by Proenze Schouler is more my thing! I would wear this with all sorts of footwear and pair it with all my accessories and bags. I love the green, the thick straps, and the horizontal tube cut. Very, very me.

Rachel Comey 2011

Rachel Comey Spring 2011. White top, black midcalf skirt. Nice, basic, something you can wear on a regular day. Something you would buy, definitely.

Rodarte Spring 2011

I just have to mention Rodarte because the designs from all their collections just blind me! I’m not saying they’re ugly. They’re actually cute and whimsical. I like the footwear here. See? I appreciate Rodarte.

Talbot Runhof 2011

And perhaps my favorite midcalf ensemble: it’s from Talbot Runhof. Clap, clap, clap! The top and the skirt are just classic but very now. I also like how they used texture to update the ordinary black and white colors.

I have to confess, I still haven’t purchased a single mid-calf skirt. I tried them on but they make me look short! I would buy them if I like wearing heels all day, which I don’t. Oh well, there goes another trend.

Plains & Prints Philippines 2012

If you live in the Philippines, I bet you have at least one item of clothing from Plains & Prints. They’re rather popular, given their unique styles and office-ready designs. And last season, I loved their dresses that I’m posting my top picks from their collection!

Plains & Prints never cooperates with my figure, though. My neckline and my waist are so against what the store offers, sob! But I love their clothes nonetheless. I have to admit, though, that I often have to restyle or alter the clothes after I buy them.

Anyhow, here they are, the best of last year’s collection from Plains & Prints Philippines. Although 2011 is so last year – pardon the pun, I want to reminisce and capture the best of that year to usher in more great clothes from this brand!

Plains & Prints (1)

What I like about the dress above: its roominess. It will hide all my flab! Bravo, bravo. And I like how the fabric seems to cling to certain areas of the body. It’s soft but sexy.

Plains & Prints (2)

I have yet to get over little girl dresses, such as the one above. And even if the shoes are not from Plains & Prints, I want to point out how they so go with this dress! I love the belt, too; it gives the dress a little more flavor without stealing the show.

Plains & Prints (3)

What I like about the above attire: nude colors at their best. Nude colors, however, can be tricky; not all of them will flatter your skin color. I also like the cut of the neckline and the sleeves, despite their having been “borrowed” from a famous designer.

Plains & Prints (4)

And this dress would be so cute for Sunday! I can almost imagine myself wearing them with pearls and white strap-on platform heels. Or I would wear really funky sneakers just to start a fashion rebellion.

Plains & Prints (5)

Okay, maybe the above dress is a little too blah. But hey, you don’t exactly go to Plains & Prints because of their avant-garde style, do you? Besides, you will need that “plain” dress so that you can accessorize to death.

Plains & Prints (6)

Nice color blocks on this dress, but what I love the most is the red bowler hat! Never thought it would look feminine, ever. But on this dress and on a Twixie-inspired hairstyle, it looks just perfect.

So, visit your nearest Plains & Prints store to check out their latest designs! 2012 is a good year to start investing in basics. Plains and prints, indeed!

Lace Fashion Spring 2012

Lace, oh lace. Despite the supposedly conventional nature of lace, there’s nothing boring about it. It’s supposed to be conservative, but wear a see-through lace top with no camisoles or tank tops underneath and the conservative vibe is out of the picture. It’s supposed to be dated, but it seems to never go out of style. Apparently, lace is here to stay in the fashion world.

Lace fashion is something you should wear with caution, however. If you go overboard, you might end up looking like your great grandmother (no offense to all the beautiful grannies out there, including my own). Wear it one trend at a time. That is, if you have on a lace top, don’t push it too far by wearing a lace skirt, too.

And lace has gotten a refreshing revamp of late. For instance, this S/S 2012, designers have used lace in ways you would have never seen before. I’ve gone through several catwalk pictures and below are some of those that really got my attention.

Anna Sui lace spring 2012

The beautiful ensemble in nude you see above is from Annu Sui S/S 2012 collection. A modern take on lace, and the muted natural colors tone down the “lace statement”.

Balenciaga lace spring 2012

Balenciaga has always been edgy, so I love their take on lace in the picture above. Also taken from their Spring collection. I can imagine wearing this very attire as I work on my fashion blog!

BCBG Max Azria lace 2012

And then there’s BCBG’s take on lace. Almost scandalously see-through, but the length makes it very modest. A nice dress to wear if you have the figure to boot.

Brioni spring 2012

This attire from Brioni caught my eye not because I liked it, but I thought it might be a good inspiration for other outfits. I like the billowy skirt, but it’s overkill for someone like me.

Christopher Kane lace

And what’s more girly than lace AND pink? So cute! I like the lace top very much, but I would tone it down with something more rugged, like cut-off denims and brogues. I would wear a large cocktail ring for good measure.

Collette Dinnigan 2012

If you’re headed to a party, the dress above by Collette Dinnigan from her 2012 Spring collection is perfect. Make sure you don’t accessorize too much – an entire dress in lace is enough of a statement. I would wear it with stronger heels than the one in the picture, though.

Emanuel Ungaro lace 2012

Emanuel Ungaro has been a name I’ve been seeing more and more lately, and it’s probably no surprise that he does so again. His lace dress is pretty, but imagine it without the skunk headdress. The lace dress is almost scandalous but classy, something you would wear to an artsy red carpet event. But, again, wear with caution.


Perhaps I’m stuck in my girly-girl years, because the dress in the above photo is one of my favorites! I like how the lace just about covers the strong patterns of the dress underneath. Love, love, love! This attire comes from Erdem S/S 2012.

Francesco Scognamiglio lace

Francesco Scognaniglio made the daring dress above. I like the flowy details and the almost goth inspiration. Perfect for a fashion shoot!

L 'Wren Scott lace

Got a boyfriend? L ‘Wren Scott made this awesome robe-inspired top-slash-dress that you can wear to a posh party with your boyfriend in tow, or even in the bedroom for special occasions (wink, wink). The gold finish on black lace is something Nicole Ritchie would have worn.

Louis Vuitton 2012

And, of course, Louis Vuitton! Lace skirts, lace tops, lace fans. I most probably would never pull off these attires, but they’re so pretty on the catwalk!

Ralph Lauren lace

Ralph Lauren is my guy when it comes to things you can actually wear. The beautiful white lace dress hugs your figure but cascades into even more lace hems. Yummy dress. I would have worn it for a party I’d host at home.

How about you, what are your favorite picks from this year’s Spring lace collection? Share and credit. And please spread the word about my blog, I would so appreciate it. Red heart