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Fashionista Feature: Abigaile Claudine Sy

My next fashionista feature is Abigaile Claudine Sy! “I'm a student, aspiring artist, entrepreneur (running my own online shop), and an aspiring photographer as well,” Abigaile told me. Let’s all get to know her a little better.

Abigaile Claudine Sy

“Fashion is a mode of self-expression through creativity, and that’s what I love the most about it,” Abigaile Claudine Sy said. Aside from being a fashionista, she also loves to blog about her artistic pursuits.

Abigaile Claudine Sy: Fashionista Feature

I had the chance to interview Abigaile Claudine Sy. She told me about her fashion icons and her personal style. As a fashionista, she sure knows how to pull of different outfits!

Abigaile Claudine Sy

Abigaile Claudine Sy reveals to us how she sees fashion and shares her many preferences. Read on to find out what she has to say.

Personal Fashion Style

“I guess my personal style would be girly, simple, and casual. I'm not so much of a risk taker and I prefer minimal colors in my wardrobe.”

Abigaile Claudine Sy

When asked about her favorite brands, she gave a list that all of us love to frequent as well. “Zara, Forever 21, Cotton On, H&M, and Bayo are just some of my favorite brands,” Abigaile Claudine Sy said.

Clothes, Bags, or Shoes?

“BAGS, definitely! I've been obsessed with bags ever since…I can't remember.” Abigaile loves using bags and I won’t be surprised if she has a wonderful collection of clutches, shoulder bags, and purses.

Abigaile Claudine Sy

“I guess there's always something about using a different bag every time that makes me motivated to dress up. I actually change bags almost every day in school!” Abigaile added.

Fashion Icons

”I love Alexa Chung, Vanessa Hudgens, and Zooey Deschanel,” Abigaile shared. “I also follow Tricia Gosingtian, Bestie Konisis, Bonnie Barton, and Elsie Larson, among others.” Wow, what a list of fashion icons!

Best Fashion Look

Abigaile Claudine Sy

“My outfit above would be my favorite look because I was surprised to find such a pretty dress from my mom's vintage clothes! That and this was my first shoot with my products (in my shop). I really had fun that day, too.”

Fashion Inspiration

“I draw inspiration from current trends that I like,, and fashion blogs, mostly. Sometimes when I see people in school sporting a certain type of style, I also tend to try it out and see if it works on me.”

Given her taste in fashion, it is no wonder that Abigaile has earned many followers on Lookbook and has a thriving fashion shop of her own. Abigaile Claudine Sy definitely deserves to be this week’s fashionista feature! You can see more of Abigaile Claudine Sy on Lookbook.

If you want to be featured as a fashionista on this blog just like Abigaile Claudine Sy, contact the Trinket Princess and let her know what you want to share. You might also want to read about last week’s fashionista feature, Dianne Dequina.

Fashionista Feature: Dianne Dequina

Dianne Dequina is today’s fashionista feature! She is a fashion blogger and loves wearing the most recent trends. “What I love the most about fashion is that you can dress yourself the way you want. For example, today, I'm chic, but tomorrow I'm a rock star!” Dianne told me. Let’s see what Dianne Dequina has to say about clothes, trends, and fashion!

Dianne Dequina

“You can express your feelings and your mood by how you dress. And actually, dressing up relieves my stress, for real!” Dianna Dequina is a student while also juggling two freelance jobs as a freelance web designer and a blogger. Find out what her fashion sense is all about and you just might get inspired by her  fashionista looks!

Personal Fashion Style

I don't have a personal fashion style, I guess. My choices in fashion depend on my mood. They depend on what I want on a day-to-day basis. But I do love Zara and Topshop – these are my favorite brands.

Dianne Dequina

Dianne Dequina has a fashion mantra: wear what you feel like wearing.

Clothes, Bags, or Shoes?

Shoes, of course! I especially love heels. Heels can do a lot. Even though you're just wearing shorts and a plain white top, you will always feel and look beautiful if you're pairing them off with fab heels.

Dianne Dequina wears fashionable shoes

As a fashionista, Dianne Dequina definitely knows her shoes; look at those red and ochre heels!

What You’re Grateful For

I love eating! I eat a whole lot, but I still stay thin, so I’m very much grateful for that.

Dianne Dequina

Fashion Icons

In the local fashion scene, I look up to Anne Curtis and Laureen Uy. They dress according to their personalities. In the international fashion scene, I love how Vanessa Hudgens can pull off different outfits!

Best Fashion Look

I love this look of mine. My fashion choices here include a ponytail, a plain white top, a blazer, and just a few choice accessories. The outfit is very simple, but I feel so beautiful.

Dianne Dequina

Fashion choices should always speak for us. They should highlight who we are and make us look like the most beautiful version of ourselves.

Fashion Inspiration

Magazines are my everyday fashion inspiration! I see a lot of outfits, color combinations, trends, and ways to pull of difficult ensembles. They also feature many new accessories and clothes, so I love reading them.

At the end of the day, Dianne Dequina is a very open minded person. She shrugs off haters and is very grateful to all of her supporters. “Even if a critic’s opinion of me is quite bad, if it makes sense, then I listen and it’s okay.”

Fashionista Dianne Dequina

Check out Dianne Dequina on her fashion blog and follow her on Twitter! And let me know if you want to be featured on Trinket Princess’ blog, just like Dianne Dequina. Of course, you have to possess a certain fashion flair, just like Dianne!

What do you think is her prettiest outfit in the above pictures? As the fashionista feature, Dianne Dequina has six photos in this post. Let me know which your top pick is from the above pictures by leaving a comment below. Red rose

Maggie Rizer for Lamsweerde, Matadin

Maggie Rizer poses for Inez van Lamsweerde and photography partner/ husband Vinoodh Matadin and, not surprisingly, the camera loves her. In this picture taken for Vogue Paris last 2002, Maggie poses naked while sitting on am old chair.

Maggie Rizer

Couple Lamsweerde and Matadin have taken way too many beautiful photographs to have gone unnoticed all this time. This explains why Taschen has compiled their photographs and turned this into a book called Pretty Much Everything.

Actually, Lamsweerde and Matadin have been taking photographs of Maggie Rizer ever since she started modeling. She used to be young and innocent, which they captured in her earlier pictures. Both photographers claimed that Maggie Rizer’s strength was her striking innocence.

Through the years, Rizer stayed fresh and still had an aura of gentleness around her, even as her career started to catapult to success. But recently, she has gotten pregnant and she is about to become a mother.

Even with motherhood just around the corner, Maggie Rizer still looked quite innocent and beautifully naïve in photographs, something both Lamsweerde and Matadin adored. They also loved how Maggie Rizer has always been in their pictures, since she was much younger until she grows close to becoming a mother.

Maggie Rizer has grown in front of Matadin and Lamweerde’s cameras, growing with a grace that turns a young lady into a mother. Her life has been captured in their pictures, something the couple was quite happy about.

In the picture above, even when Maggie Rizer was totally naked, she still looked very innocent. It would be close to impossible to get a picture of a naked woman who still looks impishly childish. The naked photograph almost looks untainted and innocent, reminiscent of who Maggie Rizer used to be in real life when she was much younger.

Lamsweerde and Matadin have had quite a career and a life together as a couple and as a team, photographing wonderful moments in fashion and art. Read more about the couple and the many iconic photographs they have taken in Pretty Much Everything, the book compiled for them by Taschen. In that book, you will also see Maggie Rizer as she poses for Matadin and Lamsweerde.

Juicy Couture: Butts into Billboards

Juicy Couture turns butts into billboards, with different celebrities offering their butts as space for Juicy Couture advertising. Gela Nash Taylor and Pamela Skaist Levy, the brains behind Juicy Couture, thought that making women’s asses a platform for advertising was a good call.

Juicy Couture butt

However, the two founders have left Juicy Couture. They have started Skaist-Taylor, another fashion baby of theirs that deserves its spot in the limelight. It borrows trends from California fashion, with a hint of weirdness.


Expect a lot of fur, animal skin, leather, and other details that speak of individuality. Of course, not all the details are being revealed just yet. Skaist-Taylor will soon reveal what the brand is all about, but now is not the time.

Their very first presentation is highly anticipated. The fashion world holds its breath, wondering if Juicy Couture will look anything like Skaist-Taylor. Or will Skaist-Taylor be so much better?

The space for the presentation is being designed by renowned architects Antonio Monfreda and Patrick Kinmonth. They were actually the architects behind the 45th anniversary celebratory exhibit by the giant fashion brand Valentino. In other words, Skaist-Taylor has something huge under wraps, and its unfolding is probably to die for.

Juicy Couture has been seen by many as almost tacky and very reminiscent of New Jersey’s worst fashion, but many people still wear this brand. The clothes from Juicy Couture, in my rather amateur opinion, are too loud and reminiscent of bubblegum pop movies. I don’t own a single piece of Juicy Couture clothing… And I also hate their bags.

But Skaist-Taylor is supposed to be different. I don’t know if this new brand is going to be anything like Juicy Couture, but I do hope not! I like the fact that Skaist-Taylor has a lot of leather; that is more my style.

Skaist-Taylor Fall 2012

But I’m holding off judgment until I see the first collection of Skaist-Taylor. I don’t want to be discouraged by the fact that the brains behind it are also the founders of Juicy Couture. Let’s wait and see. One thing is for sure: Skaist Taylor, unlike Juicy Couture, will not turn butts into billboards.

Lady Gaga Ousted… by Whom?

Lady Gaga has been pushed aside by a more ordinary citizen of the music world, Azealia Banks! Okay, maybe Lady Gaga will always have her spot in the limelight, but it looks like the fashion industry has found a new favorite and Lady Gaga has to take a backseat for now.

Lady Gaga wears the most iconic and most ridiculous dresses, both in her music videos and in events. She pulls it off wonderfully, but her dresses are almost impossible to wear by ordinary citizens like me! Maybe the weird and unorthodox have to give way to the regular and conventional, because the rather ordinary-looking Azealia Banks is now the new favorite.

Azealia Banks

I have to admit, I don’t appreciate her blue locks. They look a bit tacky on her, and I think that despite the gorgeous clothes, she has to take care of her hair and makeup. But that’s just me and I’m no expert!

Azealia Banks has also been photographed by photography power couple Matadin and Lamsweerde. She has released a YouTube video that has actually gone viral. Even the iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has wanted her to wear his designs, something that speaks volumes in the world of fashion.

Soon, Azealia Banks shall go on an album tour in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, her tour will coincide with the New York fashion shows, so she probably won’t be showing up there.

Would you vote for Azealia Banks over Lady Gaga? Do you think she can outdo her? Do you think she deserves to be the newest muse of the fashion and music industry alike? Or is Lady Gaga still the goddess, or is Azealia Banks the newly crowned queen?

Even if Lady Gaga gets ousted by Aaealia Banks, she will still be one of my favorite artists. It will take time before I warmed up to the likes of Banks, but is it not always like that anyway? We all have our own pets, and then there are those whom we just can’t seem to appreciate. In any case, Lady Gage can get ousted by anyone, but she will still be the ultimate muse in my book.