My Web Hosting Story

Do you have your very own domain? If you are serious about blogging, you should consider checking out different web hosting services online and get your own domain name pronto.

The problem with hosting your blog on free sites, such as Blogger and Wordpress, is that as soon as you shift to your own domain name, the backlinks are potentially lost. Always think of your blog’s name and URL before posting so that no links headed back to your site are lost after you realize that your old blog name needs to be changed.

web hosting

There are many web hosting services that not only provide domain names, but also host all your files. Instead of simply redirecting your free blog to the domain name you purchase, you can always host all your files on your own domain. That way, even the links for your pictures carry the domain’s name instead of the redirect URL of some other picture uploading service.

It is important to choose a web hosting company that you can trust; after all, everything you will ever write will rest in their hands.

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Sports Wear Can Be Fashionable

The only thing about soccer and rugby I like to watch are the good-looking men. I know, I’m not much of a sports fan… but I still love fashion, which is why I want to blog about sportswear.

Last month, my best friend received a soccer shirt from her boyfriend, which she now wears as her nightie. I never thought there would be a place for sportswear in a lady’s closet, except if that lady is actually engaging in sports. But there goes my best friend, parading in her favorite soccer shirt, doing her nightly routine in what is, I have to admit, sportswear that looks interesting.

I’ve been looking for a baseball shirt that I can also wear to bed ever since. Perhaps the more fashion savvy women out there will refuse to wear a shirt intended for a man, especially at night. But there is something so sweet about wearing your boyfriend’s jersey or rugby shirt or soccer uniform.

I blame it (thankfully) on the Azkals and the Volcanoes. Ever since they won games for the Philippines, women started paying attention not only to the handsome players but also the sports. And, for people like me who love clothes, I started paying attention to their uniforms. Look for discounts online – I’m sure you’ll find many.

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Going Japanese

Ever since the most recent earthquake that hit Japan, people started paying attention to the small but proud country. They showed composure and dignity at a time when others would have crumbled – which is probably why even their fashion sense shows a sense of individuality that many designers covet. Being touted as one of Asia’s most fashionable countries, Japan’s fashion sensibilities are going global.

Kimono-inspired ensembles, judo and obi belts, and even platform shoes reminiscent of Japanese slippers now litter the designers’ recent collections. This season’s Asian roots are starting to show, and they all point to a nostalgic understanding of what lies in the East.

Celine shows sheer brilliance in mixing different textures in a clean monotone ensemble. See-through fabrics make the outfits less “martial arts” and more “laid back femininity”.

Celine S/S 2011

Issey Miyake, refusing to be trounced, prefers to soften the strong, judo-based top with soft, draped bottoms.

Haider Ackermann sees something more promising in the Japanese outfit. His fashion palette is an artful oxymoron, boasting of strong hues combined with soft pastels. His love for contradictions also shows in rock chick laceups seen side by side with saccharine, ladylike pleats. His rendition of the obi belt is almost suggestive of origami, another homage to the Japanese.

Alexander Wang is not to be left behind. He stays true to the judo belt, opting instead to update the look by giving it modern touch ups, such as sizeable pockets.

Modern Japan shows so much more than their old fashion heritage when they don their street wear. But people love them for their iconic Japanese attires nonetheless. Perhaps the geisha appeal persists in everyone’s minds, or maybe anime has finally made its mark in the fashion culture. Whatever the reason, Japanese inspirations are becoming more and more pervasive. Their silent style is making a lot of noise in the fashion world – and we can’t help but listen.

Manila Bulletin Features The Trinket Princess!

A few days ago, I announced that I shall be featured at the Manila Bulletin for about five days. I didn’t actually know that today was the first day! Yippee! The Trinket Princess is finally making waves in the newspaper!

manila bulletin trinket princess

I can’t wait to tell you why I’m being featured at Manila Bulletin, because I want to give away a bag of beauty products to the first person who tells me where exactly in the newspaper I shall be featured.

I’m giving away a Beauty Loot Bag that consists of moisturizers, cleansers, and lotions to the first person who comments on this blog post with the correct answer. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Manila Bulletin’s issue for today! And if you can’t find a copy, I shall be featured again at the Manila Bulletin tomorrow!

I shall post the answer once somebody guesses correctly. Thank you to the Manila Bulletin! The Trinket Princess is thrilled to be in your newspaper. Red lips