How to Dress Fashionably

Yes, fashion is definitely evolving. Even a zipper hooded sweatshirt can look chic, given the right accessories and the right attitude. If you want to know how to dress fashionably, below are a few basic tips you can follow.

  • Know your body type. Accept your flaws – and know how to draw attention away from them. Even models and your favorite fashion icons have flaws, believe it or not, and all it takes is an honest-to-goodness look in the mirror. Knowing how to dress with style means dressing according to your body type… and don’t feel bad if a certain dress doesn’t suit you. There are many other clothes that you can wear with confidence, yes?
  • Windowshop more. Some people feel that they have very few clothes that look good on them because they don’t really go around looking for clothes that much. When you windowshop more often and go through women clothes catalogs more than you usually do, you are bound to find fashionable clothes more frequently. Knowing how to dress with style means acknowledging the fact that outfits don’t just drop on your lap; you have to find them.
  • Draw inspiration from everyday experiences. Magazines, websites, fashion icons, friends, and even people in the street can serve as your inspiration for new looks and outfits. You might never have thought of pairing a really dressy top with almost-faded cutoff jeans if you hadn’t seen someone else wearing it. Learning how to dress with style means borrowing ideas from everyone else. Just don’t force it if it doesn’t look good on you.
  • Don’t go designer-crazy. Designer items can be a great investment, but only if you can afford them. There are stores that offer less expensive items who go for competitive pricing while still giving quality clothes, shoes and accessories. They cater to the masses, which is admittedly the larger target market. And when it comes to fashion bloggers, many have decided to rely on being smart and savvy with outfits, without having to shell out a fortune. Learning how to dress with style means not relying on designer items all the time.

dress fashionably

If you have decided to dress fashionably, then the above tips will help you. Dressing fashionably doesn’t have to mean expensive clothes and jewelry; even with affordable trinkets and clothes, you can still be very fasyon. Winking smile


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