Autographed Suplado Tips By Stanley Chi For Sale

Sometimes, I go around the mall with just a cup of coffee or a good book in hand. Yes, coffee and books have been elevated to the status of “accessory.” Even celebrities are doing it, as more and more celebs are spotted carrying Starbucks cups or paperbacks instead of bling. And if you’re looking for a great read, try Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips.

Suplado Tips

It’s a humor book that you can relate to. It showcases how being suplado, or snotty, can bring you places and even get you out of trouble. If you sometimes feel like you’re being bullied or taken advantage of, try reading Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips and you’ll feel better.

Of course, the Trinket Princess believes in offering more than what the market can give you. Although Suplado Tips is available online through Psicom’s website and may also be purchased through National Bookstore nationwide, chances are, they might be running out of copies. But if you order from the Trinket Princess, you are guaranteed to have a copy of Suplado Tips – and an autographed copy, at that!

Yes, the Trinket Princess blog is the only place online and anywhere else that offers autographed Suplado Tips books. Suplado Tips is being sold at PhP95 in bookstores. An autographed copy sold through this blog will be worth PhP130. Isn’t that a great deal? Open-mouthed smile

Stanley Chi Ramon Bautista Suplado Tips

You can order your autographed copy of Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips through this ORDER FORM. Don’t forget to leave your name for the autograph! Winking smile


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