Investing in a Bag

Being the ultimate princess of accessories, I went shopping today. I wanted to buy the perfect bag. I was tired of buying disposable arm candy, so I wanted to try more expensive bags. I know, I know, it’s against what the Trinket Princess stands for – which is affordable yet chic fashion – but once in a while, I have to make an investment that is pretty much worth it.

Shopping for a designer bag that is worth its price tag is not only a matter of looking for a popular brand. You have to look at workmanship and the bag’s overall design as well. So what if it’s Louis Vuitton if it’s not exactly your style? What now if it’s Bottega Veneta if it doesn’t go with the rest of your wardrobe?

I went through different shops, all equally elitist (which I hate) but beautiful (which I love). I then sauntered into Fendi. I’ve always liked the way their Spy Bag looked in magazines, but I never thought it would look so yummy! The Fendi handbags I saw in the store did not look like they were throwing up designer monograms. They looked very discreet and almost soft-spoken without actually trying to shun the limelight.

fendi spy bag

I was so tempted to purchase the Fendi Spy Bag but I knew there had to be secondhand bags somewhere else. I know, I know, I’m being stingy. But hey, I don’t have to spend every single penny in my purse just to get a hold of an original Fendi bag!

I searched online and found Fendi handbags in several websites. They were still quite pricey, but much more affordable than the Fendi bags I saw in the store. Good luck to us fashionistas in our search for inexpensive but drool-worthy accessories! Watch out for more shopping adventures courtesy of yours truly, the Trinket Princess.


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