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The jewelry brand Pandora has been calling out to me for ages. Pandora accessories are so crave-worthy, given their many MANY designs. If you’re a minimalist, there’s something for you in Pandora. If you’re a maximalist, Pandora is still going to be a treat for you.

A lot of accessories can be labeled as either cheap and disposable OR expensive and durable. Pandora takes the best of both worlds and offers accessories that are offered at a reasonable price and are actually durable enough to last you a long, long time.

pandora charm bracelet

pandora accessories

I took a trip to Pandora just a few days ago and I started drooling the moment I walked in the door. They have all sorts of baubles and trinkets there. Yes, the Trinket Princess was definitely happy there!

They have bracelets that appeal to the little girl in us. They also have more mature, more elegant collections that you could purchase as a set. How nice is that, having earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants that all go together? Open-mouthed smile

Their jewelry and accessories use precious stones as well. Their accessories are also available in 14k gold, something worth investing in. Imagine all your fashion accessories slowly tarnishing and fading because they were only painted with gold-colored finish… and imagine having saved the money from all those disposable accessories and investing them in a 14k gold accessory from Pandora instead. Wouldn’t that have been a worthwhile exchange?

I also loved their Liquid Silver collection. They had different Pandora accessories that seemed to be “melting”, almost as if the sterling silver was actually made of water. Art and sculpture fans are sure to love Pandora’s Liquid Silver accessories and jewelry.

And to whet your appetite for accessories, here are a few of my picks from Pandora’s accessories and jewelry. I’m sure you’ll want at least one of them. Winking smile

pandora liquid silverpandora silver accessoriespandora liquid silver accessoriespandorapandorapandorapandora pendant


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