Kate Lanphear’s Accessories

When it comes to fashion icons and accessorizing, Kate Lanphear immediately comes to mind. She knows no limit when it comes to piling on accessories – and she pulls off the look with aplomb. Kate Lanphear’s accessories have helped catapult her from style director to fashion icon as her baubles have become a vital part of her signature look.

kate lanphear

Kate Lanphear rocks the rock chick look, pun not intended. She uses a lot of leather cuffs, studded bangles and cuffs, silver bracelets, and mixes them altogether to come up with a devil-may-care ensemble.

kate lanphear accessories

kate lanphear accessories 2

Kate Lanphear’s accessories also include statement clutches, bags, shoes, and vests. She wears relatively simple shirts, but layers on bedazzled vests or fur coats and finds the most amazing heels and shoes to go with her look. Her look can be summarized in four letters: cool.

kate lanphear

Despite the monochromatic palette of her wardrobe, she still manages to look different each day. It’s something when you find your signature style and you find ways to still be as versatile as you possibly can with black, white, and shades of grey.

Kate Lanphear’s accessories will always be something she will be remembered for in the world of fashion. Black, leather, and silver have never looked this good.


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