Cute Pendants

Nothing beats wearing something really cool that almost nobody else has. That’s especially true when it comes to fashion. When you’re wearing a trinket or an accessory, like a fab bag or a cool watch, everyone wants to know how accessible it is. And when it’s part of a limited edition, it becomes all the more drool-worthy.

Just a few days back, my boyfriend gave me a cute pendant. I loved the acid orange color it came in, which complemented my sea blue top really nicely. The pendant was made from polymer clay and other materials on a bottle cap, which gave it an eco-friendly hippie appeal. It was also freshly unassuming, far from the rather somber giant gems set in gold or silver which I’ve been seeing around a lot lately. In other words, it had more of a cute chicness to it that made me seem almost childishly carefree.


Here’s the pendant my boyfriend gave me. Cute!

Yep, the Trinket Princess is definitely loving the pendant!

There are other pendants available, in the shape of hearts in many silly varieties. Take one look at them and tell me they’re not cute:


They would make the perfect token for special occasions and even regular days when you’re just in the mood to give a gift for no reason. Some of the pendants, such as “6 feet under” and “Steampunk”, are also quirky in a masculine way, so they would make great gifts for guy.

These pendants are made to order. I like that a lot. It means that they won’t be as common as other commercially available accessories. There’s something so exclusive about having something that’s made to order, I must admit!

To avail of these pendants, simply contact the Trinket Princess or place your order HERE. Each pendant costs about PhP200. All pendants are handcrafted with care and they are made to order.

These are the perfect everyday pendants. You know you want them… Open-mouthed smile