How To Wear Feminine Accessories

Let’s face it – not everyone can stomach frilly, lacey, overly feminine accessories. Some ladies want their accessories simple, no-nonsense, and straight to the point. But it does help to know how to wear feminine accessories without looking like you stole them from your mother.

Below are a few tips on how to wear feminine accessories and pull them off.

  • Wear feminine accessories with restraint. If you want to learn how to wear feminine accessories, one thing you should practice is moderation. For example, just because flowers are in doesn’t mean that every accessory you wear should have flowers – it will just make you look like a garden threw up on you. Try balancing your look by keeping the focus on just one accessory and downplaying the rest.
  • Don’t be afraid of ribbons, bows, and the color pink – they will work, whether you believe it or not. Some people feel that they can never pull off flowers and ribbons because these look too girly. Contrary to what they think, there is always a way to pull off something seemingly too girly so as to make it look more mature. For instance, wearing a flower headband may make you look like a seven year old, but a flower pin on your structure clutch will soften it without being age-inappropriate.
  • Choose feminine shapes set in silver. Silver has a sobering effect that makes even flowers and butterflies look very mature and even fit for corporate attires. A silver flower pin, for instance, can be worn on your blouse. A silver ring with a butterfly design looks feminine without being too sugary.

And for inspiration, check out these really feminine accessories from the Evita Peroni collection:

Evita Peroni accessories

Knowing how to wear feminine accessories is just half the fun. Actually doing it is the goal – so go ahead, rock the feminine accessories in your closet and bring out the lady in you. Winking smile

Sleep in Fashion!

Guys are not the only ones who should enjoy the pleasure of sleeping their boxers. Women, thankfully, now get the chance to choose their own boxers from Boxercraft!


Sleepwear has always been a soft spot for us women. We want to be at our most comfortable when we are about to hit the pillows, but we also want to look chic at all times – even in our sleep. You can’t count the number of times that women wished they looked ready to go out the moment they wake up. Yes, it makes women a little vain, but we really can’t help it – there’s nothing bad about wanting comfortable clothes, even when it’s sleepwear that we’re talking about.

Boxercraft has comfortable tank tops, shirts, boxers, and shorts that would be perfect for when we get our beauty rest. They look cute, almost borrowing from the “boyfriend” fashion trend (boyfriend blazers, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend watches).

And in the morning, when you feel that you’ve had enough of boyishly cute sleep wear, try wearing your girliest dress – and wear it with the most feminine satin shawl in your closet. That should give you just enough contrast in your wardrobe and give you a versatile closet. Asleep or awake, be the fashion-forward person you’ve always wanted to be! :)


Shopping Burnout

A fire argues?

Nope, it’s just another random sentence. Pardon me, all the shopping has gotten to my head.

Finding the Perfect Workout Clothes

It’s summer! It’s time to bring out your favorite swimsuits and prepare for many hours in the beach, lounging under the sun and getting a tan. But if you’re just like any other woman on earth, you might have eaten a little more than planned – and it’s starting to show. Wearing a swim suit at this time will be like walking barefoot on the hot sand: uncomfortable and not at all sexy.

Going on a healthy weight loss scheme is the master plan. This involves eating a healthy balanced diet, skipping the sweets and going for fruits, eating more fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), and exercising. Yes, exercise will definitely help you lose weight as it burns fat stores and gives you more muscle bulk, which burns calories faster even when you’re not exercising!

When you visit the gym for a workout, don’t forget to shop for the right outfit. Just because you expect to sweat doesn’t mean that you should dress lousy! Comfort is important, but there are many workout clothes that actually manage to flatter even when they provide you maximum movement and comfort. Try buying sweatpants that skim your curves instead of hugging them tightly. Look for a top that does not feel too constricting. Go for fabrics that offer maximum absorption and breathability. When shopping for sweatpants, look for dark colored pants. They tend to be more forgiving when it comes to unwanted bulges.

Some women feel that wearing gym clothes that make them look fat will motivate them to exercise harder. Doing this will only make you feel miserable about yourself, which is not what exercising is all about! Working out should be an enjoyable task so that you feel more motivated to visit the gym regularly. The more you enjoy your workout, the more you do it according to schedule – and if you’re wearing gym clothes that make you look hot, going to the gym is going to be one of the things you will look forward to. Soon enough, you will be wearing your bikini and strutting down the beach like you own it. :)


Like the picture above? You might want to wear cardigan sweaters over your gym wear when you’re headed your way to the gym – and you’ll look one degree hotter. Winking smile

Online Accessory Stores in the Philippines

Do you know of any online accessory store in the Philippines? Each online accessory store in the Philippines has started small, slowly earning a loyal market and finally opening shop in the online world. Every online accessory store in the Philippines tries to sell to a certain niche, either by the type of accessories being sold or by the age of fashionistas they are trying to target.
But it is not an easy task to establish an online accessory store in the Philippines. Try typing “online accessory store Philippines” into any search engine and you will end up with a slapdash assortment of websites, most of which offer computer gadgets and gizmos instead of fashion accessories. This is why every online accessory store in the Philippines, despite their loyal buyers in retail stores, is actually struggling to sell just as well in their online stores.
Filipinos love going to malls. The mall is a haven for every Filipino with either nothing to do or money to spend. Because the Philippines is a tropical country, the airconditioned malls are a great getaway for even the humblest Filipino with just a few pesos in her pocket. This means that even if an online accessory store in the Philippines tried selling the cheapest accessories, actual stores in the malls selling more expensive trinkets will still end up with more buying customers.
online shopping philippines
An online accessory store in the Philippines is also a difficult one to maintain because of the ever-changing line of accessories available in every bazaar nationwide. However, more and more Filipinos are starting to buy and shop online, giving hope to any small-time online accessory store in the Philippines.
Only a handful of online accessory stores in the Philippines achieve a degree of self-sufficiency. After all, running an online accessory store in the Philippines would mean counting on a constant stream of consumers who are always on the lookout for accessories.
shopping online philippines
Despite this rather bleak outlook of having an online accessory store in the Philippines, both fashion-minded and business-minded folks are starting their own, hoping to have better luck than their peers. And with this entrepreneurial hope stems a generation who want freedom from office hours, from unemployment, and also from a bland wardrobe devoid of pretty trinkets.
Try shopping online – any online accessory store in the Philippines that you try to visit will be glad you stopped by. Help support the budding online businesses in the Philippines by checking out what they have to offer. Browse through my online store as well! You just might end up with a purchase that’s worth your while. ^_^