The Trinket Princess at the Manila Bulletin… Soon!

I have just received good news today: I, the Trinket Princess, shall be featured at Manila Bulletin!

Manila Bulletin

I was beside myself with joy when I heard the news. Who am I to be featured in one of the leading newspapers of our country? But yes, I was not stupid enough to say no. I was thrilled and immediately said yes!

Remaining true to my image, I shall be wearing my princess tiara for my special appearance at the Manila Bulletin. I will make an appearance in about five issues – not one, not two, but FIVE issues! – which is why I want to look my best.

God has been really generous to me despite my superficial love for fashion. But then again, fashion is not just about what meets the eye; it’s about self-expression and loving what God has given you!

But I digress. Going back to the topic at hand, I shall be featured this October at the Manila Bulletin. I shall take pictures of the newspaper cutouts and share them with you once they’re out!

Thanks to everyone who has been following, stalking, or hating me all this time. You made me want to be better. Hihihi!

Sayonara for now! The Trinket Princess shall be back soon – with something newsworthy to share. Pun intended! Girl

Flower Girl

Everybody cherishes memories of being a flower girl. It reminds us of an innocent yet fashionable time in our lives where being girly and, yes, being vain is so much fun. Flower girls usually rely on pink accessories and conventionally wear headpieces made of flowers or floral clips.
To tap the flower girl in you, try wearing a flowy dress with girly accessories in very soft colors. Try the ensemble below:
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Streetstyle Boho Chic

Have you seen the fashionable Olsen Twins, Ashley and Mary Kate, recently? These stylish twins have a unique and creative sense of style which is becoming notoriously popular in the fashion world: boho chic.

Boho is a short term for the word bohemian, which means gypsy, just like the fictional character Esmeralda in the novel, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’. Chic is a French word which means stylish.

Boho Chic can also be considered as a hippie look because of its relaxed, vintage feel. You can wear a maxi dress over a pair of brown leather boots and, coupled with a long necklace, bangles, and headband, you’re good to go.

You may also opt for this street-style look: a vintage, laid back ensemble with a floral top, ankle-high boots, denim shorts, and a grey jacket. With the right accessories and bag, you’ll be rocking this look, just like the Olsen Twins.

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How To Wear A White Skirt

You know you want to wear that white skirt – but you hesitate, then you change your mind entirely and go back to your good old black skirt. Why are most women having second thoughts about wearing white skirts? And are you guilty of the same thing?

Do you feel that wearing a white skirt puts you at risk of having stains every time you have your period? That’s probably one of the reasons why white skirts are not as frequently worn as black skirts. There is also the issue of getting specks of dirt on what would have been a pristine white skirt.

If you want to pull off this look, go for a white skirt that is lightweight but opaque enough to provide you enough “undergarment coverage”. Choose the wrinkled cotton ones as obviously this type is a lot easier to wash. With skirts, there is a fine line between sexy and trashy, so you should consider the length as well. This is just a perfect sample:

white skirt

To wear a white skirt with aplomb, here are quick but useful tips:

  • Choose the right top. It is best paired with tank tops, halter tops, or even button-down shirts. Wear a sexy jacket or a cardigan over your top to keep you covered. However, to don the flirty look, fit tops with printed, quirky designs are the best bet.

white skirt

  • Know your length. The most flattering skirt is the one that is a few inches above your knee. It will elongate your legs and add height – perfect for petite women, yes? Try a pencil-cut skirt to emphasize the waist and give you an hourglass figure.

white skirt

  • Avoid panty lines. Just because your skirt is white does not mean that you should wear white knickers. Notice how the lines are even more visible when you do that? Remember to wear those which are nearest to the color of your skin, such as nude or beige ones.
  • The white-on-white ensemble is very so-so. It may seem like a good idea, but you will end up looking like a medical professional. White can be quite unforgiving, so carefully choose the right footwear as well: avoid white shoes at all costs. Try flesh-toned sandals or nude clogs instead to balance the whole look.

white skirt

If you want to know how to wear a white skirt, the above tips should help you pull it off. You might also want to wear pearls as they bring out the white in your skirt.

How to Wear Feather Earrings

Have you ever worn feather earrings? Some are reluctant to wear this type of accessory, maybe because it’s too hippie and people thinks it’s dated. Regardless of the obvious Bohemian roots, feather earrings are quite versatile. They can be worn even with your favorite little black dress, or with a casual ensemble of cut-off denims and t-shirt. So, if you want to know how to wear feather earrings, read on.

Feather earrings light to carry despite of their shapes and sizes. If you’re the type who prefers minimalistic accessories, this would be suitable for you. You can opt to wear a pair or make it more unique by wearing just one. Feather accessories are handmade and can add panache to any outfit. The different colors and patterns of feathers add whimsy to any outfit, as long as you know how to wear feather earrings.

feather earrings


Below are tips on how to wear feather earrings:

  • Choose the appropriate length. They are available from 4 to 10 inches, so choose the length depending on how you plan on wearing them. A long feather earring always looks chic – and it can turn many heads.feather earrings
  • Consider the occasion. For more relaxed occasions, you can go for bolder choices, such as a hot pink 10-inch feather earring in one ear. In more formal parties, you could choose darker colors, such as brown, black, navy blue or dark green.
  • Do a hairstyle check. If you got long tresses, you are one lucky girl! A long feather earring would look perfect on you.
  • Don’t be too mixy-matchy with colors. You do not need to pair the color of your attire with the color of your earrings. For instance, you can use red feather earrings with a green dress, or opt for yellow earrings for a blue outfit.
  • Simplicity is key. Feather earrings are already a fashion statement; there is no need to make many more. Whether your feather earrings are simple or embellished, go easy with your other accessories. Did I say it makes it a lot easier for us women? After all, sometimes, less is more.

Try this: Wear a plain tee shirt and a pair of jeans, tie your hair in a bun or in a simple ponytail, then grab a pair of a fancy or a dangly feather earrings and voila! See your beautiful transformation.

Vanessa hudgens wearing feather earrings and feather jewelry all the time making her one of the biggest celebrity trend setters.

Vanessa Hudgens wearing feather earrings

Wanna get feathered? Bring out the beatnik in you, now that you know how to wear feather earrings!

Wearing a Tube Dress to a Dinner Date

Having problems about what outfit you shall be wearing to a dinner date? Wear a classic tube dress! Here is a timeless ensemble that should make you look classy yet sexy:

The side ruffles of this dress give the classic tube cut an update. And try wearing nude shoes instead of black shoes for a change; they make your legs look even longer. If you are afraid your outfit looks too blah, spice it up with an animal print clutch.

Most importantly, wear your outfit with confidence! Your date is sure to notice. ;)

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