How To Do Tshirt Screen Printing

I’ve been thinking of having a few t-shirts designed, then having someone do the screen printing for me. I’ve always loved plain white tees with cute designs. I’ve also been craving for vintage t-shirts with rock ‘n roll designs, but I’m an XXS, so I can barely find any t-shirt that fits me well.

I typed “t shirts screen print” on Google and I came up with a few results. It seems that there are several types of t-shirt screen printing nowadays, some using digital technology to ensure that the results are just as you designed them. I wanted to know how much money, time, and effort it takes to have a tshirt design screen printed and my mind started to spin after a while. So, for everyone who wants the Basics 101 on Tshirt Screen Printing, below are a few pointers and tips.

  • The simpler the design, the better. Simple designs ensure that what works in theory will also work in reality. In other words, an elaborate design with many colors might not translate exactly as you thought it would. When learning how to do t-shirt screen printing, a simple design works better, especially if you are also under a certain budget.
  • Use common colors. Yes, using sea green and frappuccino brown on your t-shirt design will definitely look great on your computer screen… but does the t-shirt screen printing company have those colors? They might not look as good on your t-shirt when they start mixing colors that “resemble” the ones you used. To avoid that problem, use the more common colors. When learning how to do t-shirt screen printing, as a rule, colors that first-graders know of are safe colors.
  • Always request for a test t-shirt screen print. Some companies will tell you they don’t give out samples. So, after you order fifty t-shirts with your design, you find out it doesn’t look half as good as you expected. That would have been avoidable if only you requested for a sample t-shirt to begin with. Knowing how to do t-shirt screen printing means always knowing what the design looks on a t-shirt before mass production.
  • Wear the t-shirt. The final product may look good on the rack or on a hanger, but will the design warp when you wear it? Will the print disappear under your arms when you wear the t-shirt? People who know how to do t-shirt screen printing will wear the t-shirt with the screen printed design and see if the design stays unwarped and the entire design is still visible.

T-shirt screen printing doesn’t have to be as messy as it sounds. All you need are a few good t-shirts, a good t-shirt design, and some know-how on t-shirt screen printing. Eventually, if you want to become an expert on how to do t-shirt screen printing, go ahead and do it. Experience will give you a first-hand chance to learn, yes? FYI, you may purchase some t-shirts from port authority clothing and have your designs printed on them. Winking smile


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