Joyce Makitalo Accessories

Accessory designers in the Philippines are a dime a dozen. But most accessory designers actually buy beads and string them into elastic bracelets, instead of coming up with unique designs and having them made by  jewelry makers. Joyce Makitalo is a fresh change as she comes up with original accessories with a punch.

joyce makitalo 2

Joyce Makitalo makes accessories that are not for the faint of heart. If you are a minimalist, her accessories are probably not for you. But if you want to invest in good accessories that do not look commercial and bubblegum-pop, take one look at her accessories and you are sure to find a new addition to your jewelry collection.

For the accessories she designs, she uses semiprecious stones set in gold. They look almost ethnic and very dramatic. Her accessories are great accents and would go real well with your favorite little black dress.

Check out Joyce Makitalo’s rings below.

Rondel Ring:joyce makitalo rondel ring

Rough and Raw Ring:joyce makitalo ring


Below are some of the cuffs designed by Joyce Makitalo:

Rondel Bastion Cuff:

joyce makitalo rondel bastion cuff

Indian Compass Cuff:joyce makitalo indian compass cuff

Rough and Raw Cuff:joyce makitalo rough and raw cuff

Her pendants and necklaces are also something worth coveting:

Rondel Pendant:joyce makitalo rondel pendant

As one of the well known accessory designers in the Philippines, Joyce Makitalo continues to come up with new accessory designs. Be the talk of the party; get a hold of her accessories and you’re sure never to be dubbed boring.

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