Midcalf Skirts Trend

Have you ever worn mid-calf skirts? They are so unflattering, unless you have really skinny legs. But they are such a hot trend this year and last year that I just have to make them a special mention. Midcalf skirts do not do much to flatter you because they end right where your legs seem fat and stubby. Remember the fashion tenet where your skirt’s hem should fall on that area of your leg that looks skinny? Well, a mid-calf skirt would break that rule.

Despite my rant on the mid-calf skirt, I want to applaud all of you ladies who did try this trend last year. Girl, you are fierce if you pulled this off! And if you haven’t yet but want to, then try this trick: wear super ultra high heels with your mid calf skirt so that your calves would look thinner and your legs would look longer.

Noteworthy are the mid calf skirts by the following designers. Boy, do I love looking at catwalk pictures. They inspire me to do better and dress better! And they make me lust after midcalf skirts and dresses, sigh.

Charles Anastase 2011

Charles Anastase obviously likes the nerd office girl look. And, I have to admit, it looks really nice with the above attire. The top and skirt per se look boring, but the clutch and shoes – not to mention the thick-rimmed glasses – added a boost. Good, because that boost was much needed.

Clements Ribeiro 2011

And the mid-calf dress by Clements Ribeiro is so… yellow! Bright! Sunny! Very summery, indeed, but this actually came from his Spring 2011 collection. I would tone it down with a boring tote and shoes. And I would wear my hair down.

Donna Karan 2011

Oh, yes, Donna Karan, I love how you always manage to pull off white clothes. I like the blazer and the dress. I have not worn an all-white dress in a long time and this would be something I might wear if I’m in the mood.

Emporio Armani

I wanted to show the photo above because it made me think of UFOs, aliens, and everything in the 25th century. Talk about the future! This is from Emporio Armani Spring 2011.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani goes classic with a tube mid-calf dress but spices it up with a glittery vest. I love the shoes, too.

Jeremy Laing

Now, the picture above shows you just how hard it is to pull off the midcalf trend. Doesn’t the model look awkward? She is skinny and sexy, but the mid-calf cut of the dress ends right on that part of her leg that looks fullest. Not too flattering.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Oh, talk about the eighties! Marc by Marc Jacobs released this look last year (Spring 2011). The frizzy hair, yellow shoes, and grey jersey clothes are almost a remake of decades past.

Prabal Gurung 2011

If you’re a fan of color blocks, go for Prabal Gurung and try their mid-calf dress. I won’t wear this dress, however, because it is so not my color

Proenza Schouler 2011

Now, this midcalf dress by Proenze Schouler is more my thing! I would wear this with all sorts of footwear and pair it with all my accessories and bags. I love the green, the thick straps, and the horizontal tube cut. Very, very me.

Rachel Comey 2011

Rachel Comey Spring 2011. White top, black midcalf skirt. Nice, basic, something you can wear on a regular day. Something you would buy, definitely.

Rodarte Spring 2011

I just have to mention Rodarte because the designs from all their collections just blind me! I’m not saying they’re ugly. They’re actually cute and whimsical. I like the footwear here. See? I appreciate Rodarte.

Talbot Runhof 2011

And perhaps my favorite midcalf ensemble: it’s from Talbot Runhof. Clap, clap, clap! The top and the skirt are just classic but very now. I also like how they used texture to update the ordinary black and white colors.

I have to confess, I still haven’t purchased a single mid-calf skirt. I tried them on but they make me look short! I would buy them if I like wearing heels all day, which I don’t. Oh well, there goes another trend.


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