Plains & Prints Philippines 2012

If you live in the Philippines, I bet you have at least one item of clothing from Plains & Prints. They’re rather popular, given their unique styles and office-ready designs. And last season, I loved their dresses that I’m posting my top picks from their collection!

Plains & Prints never cooperates with my figure, though. My neckline and my waist are so against what the store offers, sob! But I love their clothes nonetheless. I have to admit, though, that I often have to restyle or alter the clothes after I buy them.

Anyhow, here they are, the best of last year’s collection from Plains & Prints Philippines. Although 2011 is so last year – pardon the pun, I want to reminisce and capture the best of that year to usher in more great clothes from this brand!

Plains & Prints (1)

What I like about the dress above: its roominess. It will hide all my flab! Bravo, bravo. And I like how the fabric seems to cling to certain areas of the body. It’s soft but sexy.

Plains & Prints (2)

I have yet to get over little girl dresses, such as the one above. And even if the shoes are not from Plains & Prints, I want to point out how they so go with this dress! I love the belt, too; it gives the dress a little more flavor without stealing the show.

Plains & Prints (3)

What I like about the above attire: nude colors at their best. Nude colors, however, can be tricky; not all of them will flatter your skin color. I also like the cut of the neckline and the sleeves, despite their having been “borrowed” from a famous designer.

Plains & Prints (4)

And this dress would be so cute for Sunday! I can almost imagine myself wearing them with pearls and white strap-on platform heels. Or I would wear really funky sneakers just to start a fashion rebellion.

Plains & Prints (5)

Okay, maybe the above dress is a little too blah. But hey, you don’t exactly go to Plains & Prints because of their avant-garde style, do you? Besides, you will need that “plain” dress so that you can accessorize to death.

Plains & Prints (6)

Nice color blocks on this dress, but what I love the most is the red bowler hat! Never thought it would look feminine, ever. But on this dress and on a Twixie-inspired hairstyle, it looks just perfect.

So, visit your nearest Plains & Prints store to check out their latest designs! 2012 is a good year to start investing in basics. Plains and prints, indeed!


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