Lace Fashion Spring 2012

Lace, oh lace. Despite the supposedly conventional nature of lace, there’s nothing boring about it. It’s supposed to be conservative, but wear a see-through lace top with no camisoles or tank tops underneath and the conservative vibe is out of the picture. It’s supposed to be dated, but it seems to never go out of style. Apparently, lace is here to stay in the fashion world.

Lace fashion is something you should wear with caution, however. If you go overboard, you might end up looking like your great grandmother (no offense to all the beautiful grannies out there, including my own). Wear it one trend at a time. That is, if you have on a lace top, don’t push it too far by wearing a lace skirt, too.

And lace has gotten a refreshing revamp of late. For instance, this S/S 2012, designers have used lace in ways you would have never seen before. I’ve gone through several catwalk pictures and below are some of those that really got my attention.

Anna Sui lace spring 2012

The beautiful ensemble in nude you see above is from Annu Sui S/S 2012 collection. A modern take on lace, and the muted natural colors tone down the “lace statement”.

Balenciaga lace spring 2012

Balenciaga has always been edgy, so I love their take on lace in the picture above. Also taken from their Spring collection. I can imagine wearing this very attire as I work on my fashion blog!

BCBG Max Azria lace 2012

And then there’s BCBG’s take on lace. Almost scandalously see-through, but the length makes it very modest. A nice dress to wear if you have the figure to boot.

Brioni spring 2012

This attire from Brioni caught my eye not because I liked it, but I thought it might be a good inspiration for other outfits. I like the billowy skirt, but it’s overkill for someone like me.

Christopher Kane lace

And what’s more girly than lace AND pink? So cute! I like the lace top very much, but I would tone it down with something more rugged, like cut-off denims and brogues. I would wear a large cocktail ring for good measure.

Collette Dinnigan 2012

If you’re headed to a party, the dress above by Collette Dinnigan from her 2012 Spring collection is perfect. Make sure you don’t accessorize too much – an entire dress in lace is enough of a statement. I would wear it with stronger heels than the one in the picture, though.

Emanuel Ungaro lace 2012

Emanuel Ungaro has been a name I’ve been seeing more and more lately, and it’s probably no surprise that he does so again. His lace dress is pretty, but imagine it without the skunk headdress. The lace dress is almost scandalous but classy, something you would wear to an artsy red carpet event. But, again, wear with caution.


Perhaps I’m stuck in my girly-girl years, because the dress in the above photo is one of my favorites! I like how the lace just about covers the strong patterns of the dress underneath. Love, love, love! This attire comes from Erdem S/S 2012.

Francesco Scognamiglio lace

Francesco Scognaniglio made the daring dress above. I like the flowy details and the almost goth inspiration. Perfect for a fashion shoot!

L 'Wren Scott lace

Got a boyfriend? L ‘Wren Scott made this awesome robe-inspired top-slash-dress that you can wear to a posh party with your boyfriend in tow, or even in the bedroom for special occasions (wink, wink). The gold finish on black lace is something Nicole Ritchie would have worn.

Louis Vuitton 2012

And, of course, Louis Vuitton! Lace skirts, lace tops, lace fans. I most probably would never pull off these attires, but they’re so pretty on the catwalk!

Ralph Lauren lace

Ralph Lauren is my guy when it comes to things you can actually wear. The beautiful white lace dress hugs your figure but cascades into even more lace hems. Yummy dress. I would have worn it for a party I’d host at home.

How about you, what are your favorite picks from this year’s Spring lace collection? Share and credit. And please spread the word about my blog, I would so appreciate it. Red heart


Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

I am a fan of lace! So glad it's in now :P My favorite is the one Arizona muse is wearing. Also love the lace dresses from Givenchy S/S 2012 :)

Trinket Princess said...

Glad to hear! I'm a fan of lace too. Even my underwear is lace. hahaha

Anonymous said...

wow nice clothes, :))

EnAiRrAh said...

Haha you are right, I think I've seen most of my grandmother's old clothes are with lace, when I am still a kid I think I have few lacey underwear and they are all stretch out.,

violy vallester said...

wow i love lace!!! soft kasi sa skin.. my fave is the first and last picture... ganda!

Trinket Princess said...

I have yet to purchase shoes with lace fabric and perhaps a few accessories. They feel so luxe!

lalalaPatricia said...

i love laces! It's so in now a days! i love your set! <3

missblogchic said...

Really love the looks especially the Pink one..

Ness said...

Love the last dress (white one). Thanks for sharing!!

Sining Factory said...

I love black, brown and white laces. They look so fancy and expensive. :)I love all the dresses you shared. :)

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