K-Pop Fashion in the Philippines

Koreans are everywhere. They’re on TV, they’re in my FM radio station, they’re in my food, and they’re in everything I want to wear! Yes, the K-pop culture has exploded and its fallout has involved even the world of fashion.

So, yes, the K-pop fashion is something I should really feature on my blog. Even Korean hairstyles, which we once thought of as tacky and almost childish, are fast becoming the rage. So, kudos to the Koreans for making it work, and for making us salivate over Korean pop culture.

Enough words. On with the K-pop pictures!

2ne1 k-pop

This is perhaps the most popular girl K-pop band in the Philippines: 2ne1! I still try to play with how the name of their band is pronounced. Is it like the number 21? Or is it “to anyone”? Hmm. Okay, while I figure that out, notice the burst of colors in all their outfits. I personally believe it’s a little too much, and that these attires are trends that will very soon fade, but they’re nice to look at while they last.


Another group shot of 2ne1. K-pop fashion is really out there. But their outfits here are a lot more wearable.


The shot above is of 4minute. Notice how almost all of them have fringe? Fringe (bangs) is so K-pop!


Another K-pop sensation, f(x), showing their bangs and topsy-turvy style. I am way too scared to invest in K-pop clothing because I know they will look dated a year from now. But I do feel a teeny tiny bit of envy because they all look like they jumped out of a fashion magazine.

korean fashion

This is supposed to be the regular outfit of a Korean. Modest enough, but still very edgy.

Of course, K-pop fashion is not just for us girls. The men have been sporting Korean hairstyles, with their hair brushed to the front, the cuts a little longer, and the styles a little more feminine than the world is used to.


The picture above is of SHINee, a popular Korean all-boy band. I will kill my boyfriend if he so much as tries to look like a K-pop boy! I hope I don’t offend anyone who does look a little too kpop…

Wonder Girls

Last but not the least, here is a group shot of Wonder Girls. Koreans and other almond-eyed Asians (Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, Japanese) are scouting the fringed hair, plus they love the schoolgirl outfit very much. Funny how their schoolgirl fashion usually has neckties. In the Philippines, how many schools have neckties in their uniforms? Anyhow, it’s a K-pop frenzy out there. No choice but to enjoy it while it lasts.


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