Midriff Fashion Trend 2012

Life has been frustrating lately. The trend for tummy-baring midriffs has finally come back to town and, as chance would have it, I am no longer that flat-tummied girl who can pull off anything. Sigh. But despite my bitterness, I shall rant and rave about midriffs because they are different from the original trend of decades past.

Midriffs nowadays no longer show the belly button. They tend to favor the woman’s curves by highlighting the upper area of the abdomen, which is actually the last part of the abdomen that stores fat. In other words, even the curvier girls just might be able to pull this off.

Many designers have jumped in the fashion bandwagon by parading midriff clothes in the runway this 2012. Spring 2012 is then the official month of the midriff trend. Let’s all look at the extra skin found just below a man’s favorite ogling spot.

Prada 2012

When I saw this picture from Prada, I immediately remembered how I used to have a pink bathing suit top that looks just like the top the model is wearing above. Ah, brings back memories.

Acne 2012

An ensemble from Acne, which is one of my favorite names. But this attire is not exactly one of my favorites. It looks lousy, but I like the idea of pairing a cute black skirt with a midriff grey knit top.

Anthony Vaccarello

Anthony Vaccarello’s number sizzled in the pic above! Maybe it’s the slicked back hair or the skimpy black outfit. Okay, it’s’ the skimpy black outfit.

Aquilano.Rimondi 2012

A classy number from Aquilano.Rimondi from his Spring 2012 collection. This is midriff fashion at its best. It shows just the right amount of skin and the dress is quite pretty in itself.

Band of Outsiders 2012

Here is an outfit put together by Band of Outsiders for Spring 2012. Big skirt, small black tube top, and a long jacket. A nice concept, but I wouldn’t wear it.

Bill Blass 2012

The above attire by Bill Blass makes me want to go on a yacht. I love the look! The blazer would hide my flab. The footwear is also my kind of thing.

Dolce & Gabbana 2012

And then there’s Dolce & Gabbana. This looks like something that Carrie would wear in SATC. It’s midriff plus fruits. I’m craving for juice but I want to lose weight – wow, fashion has so many levels.

Emilio Pucci 2012

One of my favorite midriff attires is this one by Emilio Pucci. I fell in love with every element: the black cross pendant, the white on white pattern, the full skirt, the midriff sleeved top. Gorgeous.

Helmut Lang 2012

If you need something a little more modern, Helmut Lang just might have something for you. It’s midriff with a twist, what with the asymmetrical patterns.

Nina Ricci 2012

A cute ensemble by Nina Ricci! I’m quite attracted to the headgear; it looks nice on the runway but I don’t think I can wear that on any occasion whatsoever. But I love the tube top because it has volume.

Well, there you go, a few pictures to inspire you on the midriff trend this season. It’s almost summer, so we better be doing a few more sit-ups if we want to be able to pull off this look!


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