Lady Gaga Ousted… by Whom?

Lady Gaga has been pushed aside by a more ordinary citizen of the music world, Azealia Banks! Okay, maybe Lady Gaga will always have her spot in the limelight, but it looks like the fashion industry has found a new favorite and Lady Gaga has to take a backseat for now.

Lady Gaga wears the most iconic and most ridiculous dresses, both in her music videos and in events. She pulls it off wonderfully, but her dresses are almost impossible to wear by ordinary citizens like me! Maybe the weird and unorthodox have to give way to the regular and conventional, because the rather ordinary-looking Azealia Banks is now the new favorite.

Azealia Banks

I have to admit, I don’t appreciate her blue locks. They look a bit tacky on her, and I think that despite the gorgeous clothes, she has to take care of her hair and makeup. But that’s just me and I’m no expert!

Azealia Banks has also been photographed by photography power couple Matadin and Lamsweerde. She has released a YouTube video that has actually gone viral. Even the iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has wanted her to wear his designs, something that speaks volumes in the world of fashion.

Soon, Azealia Banks shall go on an album tour in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, her tour will coincide with the New York fashion shows, so she probably won’t be showing up there.

Would you vote for Azealia Banks over Lady Gaga? Do you think she can outdo her? Do you think she deserves to be the newest muse of the fashion and music industry alike? Or is Lady Gaga still the goddess, or is Azealia Banks the newly crowned queen?

Even if Lady Gaga gets ousted by Aaealia Banks, she will still be one of my favorite artists. It will take time before I warmed up to the likes of Banks, but is it not always like that anyway? We all have our own pets, and then there are those whom we just can’t seem to appreciate. In any case, Lady Gage can get ousted by anyone, but she will still be the ultimate muse in my book.


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