Fashionista Feature: Dianne Dequina

Dianne Dequina is today’s fashionista feature! She is a fashion blogger and loves wearing the most recent trends. “What I love the most about fashion is that you can dress yourself the way you want. For example, today, I'm chic, but tomorrow I'm a rock star!” Dianne told me. Let’s see what Dianne Dequina has to say about clothes, trends, and fashion!

Dianne Dequina

“You can express your feelings and your mood by how you dress. And actually, dressing up relieves my stress, for real!” Dianna Dequina is a student while also juggling two freelance jobs as a freelance web designer and a blogger. Find out what her fashion sense is all about and you just might get inspired by her  fashionista looks!

Personal Fashion Style

I don't have a personal fashion style, I guess. My choices in fashion depend on my mood. They depend on what I want on a day-to-day basis. But I do love Zara and Topshop – these are my favorite brands.

Dianne Dequina

Dianne Dequina has a fashion mantra: wear what you feel like wearing.

Clothes, Bags, or Shoes?

Shoes, of course! I especially love heels. Heels can do a lot. Even though you're just wearing shorts and a plain white top, you will always feel and look beautiful if you're pairing them off with fab heels.

Dianne Dequina wears fashionable shoes

As a fashionista, Dianne Dequina definitely knows her shoes; look at those red and ochre heels!

What You’re Grateful For

I love eating! I eat a whole lot, but I still stay thin, so I’m very much grateful for that.

Dianne Dequina

Fashion Icons

In the local fashion scene, I look up to Anne Curtis and Laureen Uy. They dress according to their personalities. In the international fashion scene, I love how Vanessa Hudgens can pull off different outfits!

Best Fashion Look

I love this look of mine. My fashion choices here include a ponytail, a plain white top, a blazer, and just a few choice accessories. The outfit is very simple, but I feel so beautiful.

Dianne Dequina

Fashion choices should always speak for us. They should highlight who we are and make us look like the most beautiful version of ourselves.

Fashion Inspiration

Magazines are my everyday fashion inspiration! I see a lot of outfits, color combinations, trends, and ways to pull of difficult ensembles. They also feature many new accessories and clothes, so I love reading them.

At the end of the day, Dianne Dequina is a very open minded person. She shrugs off haters and is very grateful to all of her supporters. “Even if a critic’s opinion of me is quite bad, if it makes sense, then I listen and it’s okay.”

Fashionista Dianne Dequina

Check out Dianne Dequina on her fashion blog and follow her on Twitter! And let me know if you want to be featured on Trinket Princess’ blog, just like Dianne Dequina. Of course, you have to possess a certain fashion flair, just like Dianne!

What do you think is her prettiest outfit in the above pictures? As the fashionista feature, Dianne Dequina has six photos in this post. Let me know which your top pick is from the above pictures by leaving a comment below. Red rose


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