Maggie Rizer for Lamsweerde, Matadin

Maggie Rizer poses for Inez van Lamsweerde and photography partner/ husband Vinoodh Matadin and, not surprisingly, the camera loves her. In this picture taken for Vogue Paris last 2002, Maggie poses naked while sitting on am old chair.

Maggie Rizer

Couple Lamsweerde and Matadin have taken way too many beautiful photographs to have gone unnoticed all this time. This explains why Taschen has compiled their photographs and turned this into a book called Pretty Much Everything.

Actually, Lamsweerde and Matadin have been taking photographs of Maggie Rizer ever since she started modeling. She used to be young and innocent, which they captured in her earlier pictures. Both photographers claimed that Maggie Rizer’s strength was her striking innocence.

Through the years, Rizer stayed fresh and still had an aura of gentleness around her, even as her career started to catapult to success. But recently, she has gotten pregnant and she is about to become a mother.

Even with motherhood just around the corner, Maggie Rizer still looked quite innocent and beautifully naïve in photographs, something both Lamsweerde and Matadin adored. They also loved how Maggie Rizer has always been in their pictures, since she was much younger until she grows close to becoming a mother.

Maggie Rizer has grown in front of Matadin and Lamweerde’s cameras, growing with a grace that turns a young lady into a mother. Her life has been captured in their pictures, something the couple was quite happy about.

In the picture above, even when Maggie Rizer was totally naked, she still looked very innocent. It would be close to impossible to get a picture of a naked woman who still looks impishly childish. The naked photograph almost looks untainted and innocent, reminiscent of who Maggie Rizer used to be in real life when she was much younger.

Lamsweerde and Matadin have had quite a career and a life together as a couple and as a team, photographing wonderful moments in fashion and art. Read more about the couple and the many iconic photographs they have taken in Pretty Much Everything, the book compiled for them by Taschen. In that book, you will also see Maggie Rizer as she poses for Matadin and Lamsweerde.


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