Taschen published Lamsweerde, Matadin

Taschen finally publishes works of Inez van Lamsweerde plus her husband Vinoodh Matadin. I’m telling you, this couple takes great pictures, and their photos can be quite controversial! If you and your boyfriend were both photographers, would you be working on the same project? If you did, would you come up with such gorgeous pictures like the one below?

Me Kissing Vinoodh, Lovingly

Lamsweerde said that the above picture was a portrait of fear and love. Fear, because one would be quite afraid to lose someone you love so much. Aw, that’s just sweet. But the nudity and the passionate kiss has definitely made this photograph very controversial!


Above, you see a picture of Querelle taken for W Magazine last 2004. Here, Querelle posed for Lamsweerde and Matadin, pretending to be a doll. And take note of the pins which you find scattered all over the floor – it’s supposed to be from Querelle’s updo, which looked messy. The portrait describes how it is to look beautiful and how it is to look like a mess. There is something so intriguing about the contrast of both entities.

Alexander McQueen

Lastly, I would like to include Alexander McQueen as one of the photos featured in this post. Here, the couple took a picture of McQueen wearing a bandana that made him look like he had the face of a skeleton, like he was skinned to show his insides. Actually, McQueen was very obsessed with dying and the macabre, which was why this was one of his favorite pictures, according to Matadin and  Lamsweerde. This photo was taken last 2004.

Taschen has already published their work, called Pretty Much Everything, and it’s worth about $700. Whew! A price I’m going to have to save for, but the pictures are just beautiful, aren’t they? Couple Matadin and Lamsweerde are definitely talented. And I’m just so jealous that they are also head over heels for each other. The book Pretty Much Everything by Matadin and Lamsweerde contains pictures of different supermodels, celebrities, and other iconic images.


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