Flower Girl

Everybody cherishes memories of being a flower girl. It reminds us of an innocent yet fashionable time in our lives where being girly and, yes, being vain is so much fun. Flower girls usually rely on pink accessories and conventionally wear headpieces made of flowers or floral clips.
To tap the flower girl in you, try wearing a flowy dress with girly accessories in very soft colors. Try the ensemble below:
If you like feeling like a flower girl all over again, here’s your chance: believe it or not, the entire Flower Girl outfit can be yours! Order by filling out the FORM – please indicate which items you want through these Item Codes:
Bag: PP661
Dress: PP662
Sweater: PP663
Shoes: PP664
Headband: PP665
Earrings: PP666
Happy shopping at the Trinket Princess’ store! And you might want to check out other outfits at the Trinket Princess’ shop.


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