Streetstyle Boho Chic

Have you seen the fashionable Olsen Twins, Ashley and Mary Kate, recently? These stylish twins have a unique and creative sense of style which is becoming notoriously popular in the fashion world: boho chic.

Boho is a short term for the word bohemian, which means gypsy, just like the fictional character Esmeralda in the novel, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’. Chic is a French word which means stylish.

Boho Chic can also be considered as a hippie look because of its relaxed, vintage feel. You can wear a maxi dress over a pair of brown leather boots and, coupled with a long necklace, bangles, and headband, you’re good to go.

You may also opt for this street-style look: a vintage, laid back ensemble with a floral top, ankle-high boots, denim shorts, and a grey jacket. With the right accessories and bag, you’ll be rocking this look, just like the Olsen Twins.

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Bracelet: PP554

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