How to Wear Feather Earrings

Have you ever worn feather earrings? Some are reluctant to wear this type of accessory, maybe because it’s too hippie and people thinks it’s dated. Regardless of the obvious Bohemian roots, feather earrings are quite versatile. They can be worn even with your favorite little black dress, or with a casual ensemble of cut-off denims and t-shirt. So, if you want to know how to wear feather earrings, read on.

Feather earrings light to carry despite of their shapes and sizes. If you’re the type who prefers minimalistic accessories, this would be suitable for you. You can opt to wear a pair or make it more unique by wearing just one. Feather accessories are handmade and can add panache to any outfit. The different colors and patterns of feathers add whimsy to any outfit, as long as you know how to wear feather earrings.

feather earrings


Below are tips on how to wear feather earrings:

  • Choose the appropriate length. They are available from 4 to 10 inches, so choose the length depending on how you plan on wearing them. A long feather earring always looks chic – and it can turn many heads.feather earrings
  • Consider the occasion. For more relaxed occasions, you can go for bolder choices, such as a hot pink 10-inch feather earring in one ear. In more formal parties, you could choose darker colors, such as brown, black, navy blue or dark green.
  • Do a hairstyle check. If you got long tresses, you are one lucky girl! A long feather earring would look perfect on you.
  • Don’t be too mixy-matchy with colors. You do not need to pair the color of your attire with the color of your earrings. For instance, you can use red feather earrings with a green dress, or opt for yellow earrings for a blue outfit.
  • Simplicity is key. Feather earrings are already a fashion statement; there is no need to make many more. Whether your feather earrings are simple or embellished, go easy with your other accessories. Did I say it makes it a lot easier for us women? After all, sometimes, less is more.

Try this: Wear a plain tee shirt and a pair of jeans, tie your hair in a bun or in a simple ponytail, then grab a pair of a fancy or a dangly feather earrings and voila! See your beautiful transformation.

Vanessa hudgens wearing feather earrings and feather jewelry all the time making her one of the biggest celebrity trend setters.

Vanessa Hudgens wearing feather earrings

Wanna get feathered? Bring out the beatnik in you, now that you know how to wear feather earrings!


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