Versace Fall 2012 RTW

Oh, Versace. You are one of my greatest loves. And no matter what happens, I shall always secretly admire your collections, especially the Fall 2012 collection that recently graced the Versace runway. It is one of the best catwalk displays – ever.

Versace A/W 2012 RTW collection is like my favorite fashion line right now. If I were to own just one dress from this line, I’d be in fashion heaven. I hope my fashion godmothers are listening!

It’s my pleasure to present to you my top picks from the Versace Fall 2012 RTW collection. These are among the best clothes I have seen this year. They will fit almost any woman, and not just the stick figure we see in runways. Yes, they will look good on you and me! But let’s not butcher them with ugly shoes or tacky accessories, okay? This is Versace, for crying out loud.

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (1)

Notice the neckline? It looks like a coffin. Coincidence, or a deliberate attempt at a gothic design? Smile 

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (2)

Versace’s take on the tube dress. Oh, wonderful. Leather is just sexy – there’s no other way to say it!

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (3)

Notice how many dresses and tops have a crucifix? Definitely very goth! And yes, goth can be fantastic, if you know how to pull it off.

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (4)Versace Fall 2012 RTW (5)

I’m so loving the coat above. Look at the high collar and the clean lines! And the cut will definitely flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Love!

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (6)

Question: would you wear real fur? I won’t, but if the above top was made of fake fur, I will not hesitate to don it! Crushing bad on this jacket!

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (7)

I just love the play on textures on the above outfit. Posh all the way – and notice how not much flesh is flashed, so to speak. Sexy without showing too much skin? Love! And check back tomorrow for the continuation of this post – more photos of the Versace Fall 2012 RTW line tomorrow!


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