Chanel Spring 2012 Couture

Did you know that the Spring 2012 collection of Chanel has 150 different shades of blue? Any fan of this color would be head over heels for this couture collection. I myself was excited to see a Chanel collection that was focused only on one color.

Blue is often the theme and topic of many songs. Blue eyes, feeling blue, blue skies, bluer than blue – you name it. It’s no surprise that even fashion owes a lot to this color. And Chanel’s entire Spring 2012 collection owes its very existence to this color.

Here are a few of the dresses from the Chanel S/S 2012 couture collection. Have fun with all the blue!

Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (1)Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (2)Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (3)Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (4)Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (5)Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (6)Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (7)

And take note of the boat collar Chanel used generously on many of the dresses. They would be great if you had beautiful shoulders. But for small-shouldered people such as myself, it would be a big mistake to abuse this neckline!

Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (8)

I am especially fond of the above ensemble because of the white boat collar, majestic puff sleeves, and midriff cut. That’s three trends in one – and the blouse still looks very elegant! Trust Chanel to be the one designer to pull off three trends without looking overdone.

I’m featuring a few more dresses from the collection because I find them too pretty to ignore. What’s really wonderful about Chanel is that they can pretty much be timeless. You can wear a Chanel suit for the rest of your life and you would look classy until your last breath.

Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (9)Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (10)Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (11)

It seems that Chanel is introducing a new shoulder shape. Perhaps the broad shoulders and long necks we have grown so accustomed to have started to look old in Chanel’s eyes. Maybe slouchy shoulders, such as mimicked in the above picture, is the new “in” thing.

Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (12)

Chanel has always been a minimalist. Coco Chanel once advised that before you stepped out, you should take off the last accessory you wore. Less is more. And in her couture spring collection this year, you will see how even just one color can be used in so many beautiful ways.

Sometimes, there is so much beauty in smooth silhouettes that paid their respects to the body’s own curves. The simplistic nature of Chanel is in no way boring because of the intricate detailing used. Let the Spring 2012 collection of Chanel whet your appetite for wearable couture.


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