Versace 2012 Fall RTW

Here is the continuation of my post on Versace 2012 Fall RTW collection! Ever since Gianni Versace’s death, the entire Versace house has been pressured to come up with clothes that shall equal his genius. Donatella Versace, his sister, has taken over and continues his legacy by trying to match what Gianni has presented the world.

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (8)[2]

I am so in love with the shade of yellow used in the above outfit. Versace is brilliant! Donatella, you have definitely done it this year.

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (9)[2]

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (13)

Oh, what I’d do to have this orange dress above! Fierce design from Versace. I like how the dress skims the body without clinging too tight. Wonderful!

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (14)

And above is another winner: all black, with a semi-bustier. Very sexy. This would make a wonderful LBD.

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (15)

Now, that’s a cutout dress that I would love to wear. I love how it’s clean and not at all overpowering.

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (16)Versace Fall 2012 RTW (17)

The above yellow dress from Versace is just too pretty. And did you notice the gorgeous boots that go with? Drool…

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (18)Versace Fall 2012 RTW (19)Versace Fall 2012 RTW (20)Versace Fall 2012 RTW (21)

Talk about liquid shine! The above black dress shines and shimmers like water. Wonderful and flowy – and I wouldn’t expect any less from Versace.

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (22)Versace Fall 2012 RTW (23)Versace Fall 2012 RTW (24)Versace Fall 2012 RTW (25)

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (10)[2]

Now, the above dress is just wonderful. Nice big stitching, wonderful shape – notice how the dress “fakes” an hourglass figure by ballooning a little bit at the hips? Regardless of what shape you have and what size you are, you will pull this off! And I’m loving the sleeves, too!

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (11)[2]

Oh, I like the front of the dress above. And the shape is once more flattering. Not falling for the collar, though; I don’t do well with necklines that barely plunge.

Versace Fall 2012 RTW (12)[2]

Notice the bangs that were cut way up the forehead? I remember that trend decades ago; I’m not surprised it should resurface now. The Versace crew called it the “high bang”. Appropriate, if you ask me.

Oh, Versace, may you create more collections that continue to inspire fashion lovers such as moi. You are a genius! The RTW line from Versace A/W 2012 will haunt me the entire year. And if I so much as get my hands on one dress, I shall gloat about it here in my blog.


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