Alexis Mabille Spring 2012

Alexis Mabille is a brilliant designer who probably hates black and white. I say that with affection, of course, because the way she plays with color justifies her veering away from anything too bland. And the Spring 2012 Alexis Mabille collection is a proud display of vibrant colors.

All dresses have personality. All outfits are of one color from head to toe. If you are a puritan, you would love to invest in a few of the clothes from the Alexis Mabille S/S 2012 collection. During the fashion show, models’ faces were painted with the colors corresponding with the dresses they wore. They also had giant fake flowers which they wore as hats. Couture sure does bring out a lot of almost-weird but artsy stuff!

But, just as is the case with many designers, you will either love it or hate it. It’s your chance to decide – look at the clothes from the Spring 2012 collection of Alexis Mabille and let me know if you’re loving it or hating it.

Alexis Mabille 2012 (1)Alexis Mabille 2012 (2)

Yellow as a color is hard enough to pull off when you are wearing it from head to toe, and it becomes nearly impossible to wear it in real life if it’s the only color of an actual three-piece suit! I would take these pieces apart and wear them separately. Each item would be a nice accent for a regular day to day outfit.

Alexis Mabille 2012 (3)

The powder blue dress above looks a little too prom-night for me. But I bet a Hollywood actress might wear this for a red carpet event. I love the frayed hem though, plus the empire cut would be flattering for most women.

Alexis Mabille 2012 (4)Alexis Mabille 2012 (5)

The orange ensemble caught my eye because of the skirt. I loved it! I want to be able to wear a sleek skirt that goes all the way to the floor, but I would wear it with a tube top with a sweetheart neckline.

Alexis Mabille 2012 (6)Alexis Mabille 2012 (7)Alexis Mabille 2012 (8)

This last dress is one of my favorites. I love the ribbon sleeves and the very classic silhouette. Of course, I’m a fan of prints, which makes this one of my top picks, given how Alexis Mabille used mostly solid colors for the entire spring collection.

Before I forget, what do you think of the Alexis Mabille S/S 2012 line? See any clothes you like? Or have you had better? Oh well, it’s just as well. These probably cost a fortune, anyway.


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