My Web Hosting Story

Do you have your very own domain? If you are serious about blogging, you should consider checking out different web hosting services online and get your own domain name pronto.

The problem with hosting your blog on free sites, such as Blogger and Wordpress, is that as soon as you shift to your own domain name, the backlinks are potentially lost. Always think of your blog’s name and URL before posting so that no links headed back to your site are lost after you realize that your old blog name needs to be changed.

web hosting

There are many web hosting services that not only provide domain names, but also host all your files. Instead of simply redirecting your free blog to the domain name you purchase, you can always host all your files on your own domain. That way, even the links for your pictures carry the domain’s name instead of the redirect URL of some other picture uploading service.

It is important to choose a web hosting company that you can trust; after all, everything you will ever write will rest in their hands.

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