Summit Magazine Subscription Problems

Two months ago, I paid for a fashion magazine subscription from Summit Publishing. I was told that I would receive my first magazine after two months – that’s this month. However, I have received no magazine thus far. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I decided to call Summit at their hotline. On my first call, I was redirected by a recording to the subscription department. However, nobody was there to take my call. Twenty calls later, the same thing kept happening.

summit subscription problems

I’ve been trying to call Summit’s subscription department for more than a week, to no avail. Perhaps they just put up the phone number extension for that department so that they can say they do have that department. But contacting them is so much harder than you think.

I wonder, am I the only person who experienced this hassle before? Lesson learned: no more subscriptions from Summit! The Trinket Princess needs to get her fashion fix somewhere else. Thank God for online magazines!

If you have been having problems with your magazine subscriptions, tell me your story by leaving a comment below. Thanks! School


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