Sports Wear Can Be Fashionable

The only thing about soccer and rugby I like to watch are the good-looking men. I know, I’m not much of a sports fan… but I still love fashion, which is why I want to blog about sportswear.

Last month, my best friend received a soccer shirt from her boyfriend, which she now wears as her nightie. I never thought there would be a place for sportswear in a lady’s closet, except if that lady is actually engaging in sports. But there goes my best friend, parading in her favorite soccer shirt, doing her nightly routine in what is, I have to admit, sportswear that looks interesting.

I’ve been looking for a baseball shirt that I can also wear to bed ever since. Perhaps the more fashion savvy women out there will refuse to wear a shirt intended for a man, especially at night. But there is something so sweet about wearing your boyfriend’s jersey or rugby shirt or soccer uniform.

I blame it (thankfully) on the Azkals and the Volcanoes. Ever since they won games for the Philippines, women started paying attention not only to the handsome players but also the sports. And, for people like me who love clothes, I started paying attention to their uniforms. Look for discounts online – I’m sure you’ll find many.

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