How To Wear Feminine Accessories

Let’s face it – not everyone can stomach frilly, lacey, overly feminine accessories. Some ladies want their accessories simple, no-nonsense, and straight to the point. But it does help to know how to wear feminine accessories without looking like you stole them from your mother.

Below are a few tips on how to wear feminine accessories and pull them off.

  • Wear feminine accessories with restraint. If you want to learn how to wear feminine accessories, one thing you should practice is moderation. For example, just because flowers are in doesn’t mean that every accessory you wear should have flowers – it will just make you look like a garden threw up on you. Try balancing your look by keeping the focus on just one accessory and downplaying the rest.
  • Don’t be afraid of ribbons, bows, and the color pink – they will work, whether you believe it or not. Some people feel that they can never pull off flowers and ribbons because these look too girly. Contrary to what they think, there is always a way to pull off something seemingly too girly so as to make it look more mature. For instance, wearing a flower headband may make you look like a seven year old, but a flower pin on your structure clutch will soften it without being age-inappropriate.
  • Choose feminine shapes set in silver. Silver has a sobering effect that makes even flowers and butterflies look very mature and even fit for corporate attires. A silver flower pin, for instance, can be worn on your blouse. A silver ring with a butterfly design looks feminine without being too sugary.

And for inspiration, check out these really feminine accessories from the Evita Peroni collection:

Evita Peroni accessories

Knowing how to wear feminine accessories is just half the fun. Actually doing it is the goal – so go ahead, rock the feminine accessories in your closet and bring out the lady in you. Winking smile


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