Sleep in Fashion!

Guys are not the only ones who should enjoy the pleasure of sleeping their boxers. Women, thankfully, now get the chance to choose their own boxers from Boxercraft!


Sleepwear has always been a soft spot for us women. We want to be at our most comfortable when we are about to hit the pillows, but we also want to look chic at all times – even in our sleep. You can’t count the number of times that women wished they looked ready to go out the moment they wake up. Yes, it makes women a little vain, but we really can’t help it – there’s nothing bad about wanting comfortable clothes, even when it’s sleepwear that we’re talking about.

Boxercraft has comfortable tank tops, shirts, boxers, and shorts that would be perfect for when we get our beauty rest. They look cute, almost borrowing from the “boyfriend” fashion trend (boyfriend blazers, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend watches).

And in the morning, when you feel that you’ve had enough of boyishly cute sleep wear, try wearing your girliest dress – and wear it with the most feminine satin shawl in your closet. That should give you just enough contrast in your wardrobe and give you a versatile closet. Asleep or awake, be the fashion-forward person you’ve always wanted to be! :)



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