Wearing Fashionable Eyeglasses

Wearing eyeglasses can either be a blessing or a bane. For instance, a lot of people feel that their look is limited because they wear glasses. Others, however, make the most of their poor eyesight by wearing fab eyewear, almost as if having anything less than 20-20 vision is a great excuse to make a fashion statement.

And then there are those who have absolutely perfect vision but still choose to wear glasses. Yes, glasses can transform your look. Think Clark Kent and his glasses: whenever he takes them off, he is immediately recognizable as Superman. But with those glasses, he looks too different from Superman. Well, of course, no eyeglasses in real life will bring about that transformation, but you get the picture.


Tina Fey wearing fashionable eyeglasses

Fashion revolves around style and, fortunately, even our own little flaws can help us become unique fashion-wise. If you have poor eyesight, go for designer eyeglasses that makes quite a statement. Glasses with unique frame shapes and colors almost always do the trick. However, if wearing eyeglasses makes you look too geeky, there are always frameless glasses that do the job without changing the way you look too much.


In the end, anything you wear can become a fashion statement. Shoes, bags, accessories, and yes, even your eyewear can be considered accessories, so choose them wisely. And if you want quality eyewear, go for designer eyeglasses that weigh much lighter than other cheaper alternatives.


Try on several frames before you settle for one. Then, put it on for a minute or so to see if they are too heavy or seem uncomfortable. Make sure you have the fit adjusted accordingly. After all, fashion is not only about how you present yourself to the rest of the world; it’s also about how comfortable you are in your own skin – with or without those glasses.


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