Stanley Chi hosts The Suplado Show on Dig Radio

This year, Stanley Chi released his fourth book, Suplado Tips, and the Philippines became suplado.

A few months after that, his book sold all out. There goes his publishing house PSICOM, clapping happily, going forward with the first reprinting after just three months of releasing Suplado Tips.

A few months after that, UniSilver Time got Stanley Chi as their endorser, side by side with Iya Villania and Sam Milby. And what does Stanley Chi say? “Daig ng suplado ang gwapo!” With that, he flashes his Suplado Watch, the limited edition watch from UniSilver Time, and Iya Villania comes chasing after him:

suplado watch

A few months after that, Stanley Chi comes out with his very own internet radio show, The Suplado Show. It’s airing online at Dig Radio (which used to be NU 107, my favorite radio station).

suplado show

And a few months from now, 3000 books later, his own watch line later, Iya Villania chasing after him later, and an internet radio show later, I’m sure that Stanley Chi has more up his sleeve to show the world that yes, being suplado has its good points (like when your boss wants you to stay beyond office hours without overtime pay).

Most of all – and this is something that the Trinket Princess can relate to – Suplado is the new sexy! You better believe it.


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