Where to Get Fashionable Maternity Clothes

I’m not yet married, and I’m definitely not yet a mother. But a lot of my friends already have kids and I’ve noticed how most of them still exert an effort to look good even as they seem busy with household chores or their careers. Although I have yet to experience how it is to get pregnant, they keep telling me where to get fashionable maternity clothes.

One thing they do share with me about fashion and having children is that there are so very few stores out there that offer fashionable maternity clothing at a reasonable price. They tell me that most stores focus solely on comfort but with very little chic factor.

This is rather unfortunate. Mothers are still the same women they used to be before they started conceiving. They may still be concerned about their weight, about their clothes, and will be especially more concerned about their body image because pregnancy really changes the body, before and after the child is born.

Some of the mothers I know end up buying plus size clothing instead of proper maternity clothes. They say it’s actually much cheaper to avail of extra large clothes instead of maternity clothing, something which saddens me even more!

Women deserve great clothes, whether they’re single, married, pregnant, or otherwise. There should be more stores that offer fashionable and trendy maternity clothes. And because having a baby entails a lot of expenses, there should be discount clothing available for pregnant women, too.

When it comes to fashion, why should single women have all the fun? Pregnant women also deserve to be equally hip and trendy as their single counterparts. Yes, there are stores where you can get fashionable maternity clothes, but there are way too few compared to our options when we don’t have a baby bump. Hopefully, the fashion world notices this relatively untapped market and does something about it soon.


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