Looking for an Online Store in the Philippines

Today, I tried searching for “online store Philippines” using Google. I wasn’t surprised to see big-time online stores on the first page of the search results. An online store in the Philippines usually looks a lot like Ebay, with a professional front and strict, secure payment methods such as Paypal.

But I’m looking for online stores in the Philippines that come from little niches, those that sell just twenty items instead of twenty million. An online store in the Philippines that offers just a few bags, or a few bracelets, or perhaps a handful of earrings is a great nook to keep coming back to.

online store philippines

For me, supporting little businesses are a great way of encouraging entrepreneurship among Filipinos. If you patronize an online store in the Philippines, you are also helping support the budding business of microbusinesses that seek nothing but to thrive on their own. In addition, a small online store in the Philippines usually provides work for others instead of adding to the pool of unemployed who happen to be looking for work. Every independent online store in the Philippines helps alleviate unemployment in a small but definite way.

Many an online store in the Philippines usually open up shop in Multiply. For example, Therapy bags is a successful online store in the Philippines selling a few bags made by the sellers themselves. Instead of outsourcing, the owner of the site actually makes the bags. Of course, making the bags entails help – thus, a few craftsmen were employed to help in the production process.

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Every online store in the Philippines helps sustain creativity and perseverance. Filipinos are known for being crafty; it’s about time we gave designers and craftsmen the credit they deserve. So, instead of looking for designer bags and expensive accessories, why not save money and lend a hand to struggling businesses by buying from small online stores in the Philippines? You’ll also be helping the economy and at the same time keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

The next time you chance upon a small online store in the Philippines, try not to close the browser with haste. Feel free to look around, see what they have to offer. You just might be surprised at how many great finds you’ll find in even just a small online store.

online store philippines

And yes, feel free to browse my online store and fashion blog! Even if you don’t buy anything, you just might get ideas on how to accessorize for tomorrow. ^_^


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