Patent Clutch Bags for Sale

The perfect weapon for a dinner or a night out is a patent clutch bag. Its sheen adds sophistication to your look while, making any outfit look a little less casual than it usually does. Patent clutch bags, aside from being quite attractive, should also be easy to use. Opening and closing a patent clutch bag should be easy; having to fuss with your patent clutch bag can make you look clumsy as you fumble with it in the midst of an important date or dinner.
Here is the perfect black patent clutch bag. You can wear it as is or add a flower pin to give it a girly charm:
black quilted patent clutch bag (2)
black quilted patent clutch bag
Try using this quilted patent clutch bag with a floral skirt. The floral design is made sober by the patent clutch bag:

clutch bag flower pin leather bracelet (4)

In these photos:

Black patent clutch bag, PhP450 (Item Code: E1)
Pink flower pin, PhP199 (Item Code: A6)
The flower pin comes in many other colors. Check out the other flower pins.
trinket princess
Violet is also a great color when it comes to bags and accessories. A violet quilted patent clutch bag is almost as sober as a black one, but with an element of rebellion. If you’ve never worn violet before, it’s always better to buy violet accessories first as they are easier to experiment with.
Here is a violet quilted clutch bag that you can bring with you to a date:
violetquilted patent clutch bagvioletquilted patent clutch bag (2)
Having a pretty patent clutch bag, however, is just half of the story. Your clutch bag should comfortably carry all your stuff, including a small wallet, credit cards, makeup, and cellphone. It should also be easy to open and close, as high-maintenance patent clutch bags tend to be a nuisance.
The quilted patent clutch bags for sale here have a double magnet closure that makes opening and closing them a breeze:
quilted patent clutch bag
Also, have you tried wearing violet in different shades? It’s a fun and quirky way to add life to this color palette. For example, a purple dress can be worn with a violet quilted patent clutch bag:
clutch bag flower pin leather bracelet (9)

In these photos:

Violet quilted patent clutch bag, PhP450 (Item Code: E2)
Red wraparound leather bracelet, thick, PhP150 (Item Code: C4)
Black flower pin, PhP199 (Item Code: A1)
The wraparound leather bracelet is also available in other colors. The leather bracelets have a magnetic clasp, making them convenient to put on while they stay on until it’s time to take them off again. Check out the other available colors of the thick leather bracelet. You might also want to check out the thin variety of the available faux leather bracelets. ^_^
Flower pins in other colors are also available. Check out the rest of the flower pins.
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