Spruce It Up With Flower Pins!

Does your outfit look blah? Did you buy a dress that has the perfect fit but fails to please you color-wise? You see, the best way to spruce up your clothes is to accessorize. And if you want nothing to do with earrings, bangles, or necklaces for now, then colorful flower pins will help you get away with even the most lackluster clothes in your closet!

My flower pins are multi-purpose. They are lightweight, so they can be pinned onto stretch fabrics that would otherwise sag with heavy brooches. The flower pins featured here can also be attached either as a pin or as a clip:
flower pin trinket princessflower pin trinket princess

If you’ve gone to the Accessorize store, you’ll have seen the flower pins they have. Each pin is about PhP500 to PhP600. Many fashionistas are willing to dish out that much for just one flower pin… However, if you’re just like me and you want to save up for something else, why not purchase the flower pins featured here? The flower pins from Trinket Princess are much more affordable at PhP199!

Also, they are made of lightweight material that easily blends with your clothes because, unlike other flower pins or brooches, they are made of fabric. Flower pins made of artificial flowers tend to look out of place when pinned onto clothes and will look good with only a few chosen outfits.

Avail of these flower pins for just PhP199 each! They come in several colors. Check out some of the flower pins:
flower pin accessory trinket princess accessory trinket princessfashion blog accessory fashion blog accessory 


Why I like these flower pins:
  • Lightweight (won’t make shirts and blouses sag with their weight)
  • Made of fabric (will look like it’s actually part of your clothes instead of looking out of place)
  • Can be attached with either its pin or clip attachment (pin it on for a more fixed attachment, or simply click it on if you’re in a hurry)
  • Comes in different colors. Collect several flower pins and breathe life back into your wardrobe!
  • Quite cheap at PhP199! Other flower pins, like those found in Accessorize, will cost about PHP500 each (gulp!).
NOTE: I have just a couple or so pieces available per color, so grab them while supply lasts! Check out all the available flower pins HERE.

Please make your order by filling up this ORDER FORM. Feel free to contact the Trinket Princess for questions and comments!


gellie said...

ganda naman!! sana may pictures na nakasuot so that i can see how big they are when worn. mmeron bang white??

carrie said...

is there stock left? discount if bulk order? sent email inquiry, thanks

Savvy said...

Thanks for inviting me to your blog! Lovely flower pins, must say. :) Keep it up! Keep me posted once you have anything new. :)

Trinket Princess said...

@ carrie: Hi there! I already replied to your email. ^_^

@Savvy: Hello! Thanks for visiting! Will visit your blog also. And thanks for your vote of confidence! ^_^

Trinket Princess said...

@ gellie: Thanks! Sorry, wala kasi akong white... But I'll see what I can do. As for pictures, hold on because after the photo shoot, I'll post a few good ones! ^_^

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