Music Feature: Rendezvous

A new syndrome called adrenal fatigue is an emerging trend in the world of medicine. Perhaps it’s a fancy way of saying “burnout”, but it still is a wakeup call for everyone who try to spread themselves too thin. If you drive your body to its limits, it stops producing certain hormones like adrenaline and you run out of gas. The result: your entire body crashes and burns.

It is high time for our generation to learn to unwind and relax any way we can. Some people say they simply don’t have the money to get a massage, or they don’t have time to take a break. Thankfully, getting in touch with your inner self and letting go of stress is possible when you listen to music, such as the jazz-electropop songs by the band Rendezvous.

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Take note, however, that although Rendezvous’ three previous tracks were jazz electropop, their debut album, coming out this year, is an even more complicated conglomeration of genres. But take heart; although their songs seem like a paradox that sounds like it requires effort for you to appreciate, the opposite is true: Rendezvous’ songs are a breath of fresh air in a polluted planet like ours.

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Try listening to their track So What and you will see what I mean. Although their songs do make you feel more serene, they don’t lull you to sleep. Their songs have a certain focus of interest that make you want to bob your head in response. Listen to Rendezvous and you’ll forget about the toxic atmosphere of your workplace, or the many dishes you haven’t done yet. Even better, you can play their music and feel like you have the energy to go an extra mile.

To listen to their previous songs, visit Rendezvous’ website,, and find out why more than 600,000 people have watched their videos on YouTube through Rendezvous’ channel.


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