Fashion in the Philippines: How It Fares

In the past, fashion in the Philippines has been like a mirror: reflective of what others have been doing in the fashion forefront. However, much has changed since the first time ateliers became the Pinay’s haven for fashion. Nowadays, fashion in the Philippines is bolder, bigger, better.

Talking about fashion in the Philippines is like describing the milestones of a baby. Fashion in the Philippines took its first few steps before it started running on its own, sometimes stumbling and fumbling for a good foothold; but after thriving in a culture of coyness, fashion in the Philippines is finally shedding its fa├žade of introversion. Fashion, in the Philippines at least, represents the evolution of the Filipinos’ way of living and thinking as they move on to a more assertive phase in their social growth.
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“Fashion in the Philippines is finally shedding its facade of introversion.”

Speaking of fashion in the Philippines, fashion in Asia has reportedly been stealing the limelight from the center of fashion itself: Europe. Yes, much is being said about how Asia is revamping the world of couture and street wear. In keeping with this meaningful change, fashion in the Philippines is also blooming, albeit late, and arguably showing its true colors for the first time.
I was once asked by a Filipino immigrant how fashion in the Philippines has been doing since she left the country. I had to tell her that fashion in the Philippines has had a makeover, what with more and more designers making their debut in the international scene. Fashion in the Philippines has been receiving a good rap after well-known Filipino designers started marking the world with the unmistakable talent of Filipinos. And yes, we Pinoys and Pinays are quite proud.
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Although fashion in the Philippines has a lot to improve on in terms of the online market, I have a feeling we will get there soon enough. Fashion in the Philippines will be heard and seen more, if only more people blog about it.

Fashion, in the Philippines and anywhere else, is not just superficiality. It is a manner of expression, a self-realization, an externalization of how much you have gotten to know yourself. Fashion is not just about trends – it is also about style and, just like any other art form, is one of the many ways we can showcase our creativity. Anyone who clucks their tongue in disapproval of fashion is just plain ignorant.


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