Fashion Blogs in the Philippines

A fashion blog is a personal statement, a revelation – it’s wearing your heart on your sleeve in terms of your own style. No fashion blog that strives to hide personal taste ever successfully connects to its readers. That’s how it is: a fashion blog, especially in the Philippines, involves baring one’s soul. After all, style is personal.

Fashion blogs in the Philippines are earning more and more readers by philippine flag 1the minute. Europe used to be the seat of fashion in decades past; however, Asia is fast becoming the center of fashion. They say Asians are bolder, funkier, much younger in the way they express themselves through fashion. Even the fashion blogs in the Philippines are gaining attention as more and more fashion magazines feature fashion bloggers in their pages.

For example, Preview magazine’s March 2010 issue featured a few Filipino fashion bloggers. Most of the fashion blogs, however, already have their own websites – in other words, they’ve gone mainstream long ago. What now of the little bloggers who strive to show their personal taste in fashion?

preview magazine 

“Our Favorite Wardrobe Bloggers” featured in Preview magazine’s March 2010 issue

As for the many fashion blogs in the Philippines who are just starting to establish their roots, perhaps it will take time before the rest of the online Filipino community will catch onto them. But Filipino fashion blogs are rather refreshing compared to other more formal, more polished blogs. I prefer fashion raw, unadulterated – and unsponsored. Oops, there goes my chance of getting paid as a Filipino fashion blogger. clip_image001

You see, the little bloggers are the ones who actually walk the streets in the clothes they actually blog about. Their style and statements fashion-wise are street-worthy. Not that mainstream fashion blogs in the Philippines have anything less; however, with the absence of sponsors, underground fashion blogs in the Philippines have no choice but to rely on their instincts, see with unbiased eyes, and choose what they feel is best for their fashion integrity.

Fashion blogs in the Philippines will soon have their moment. In the meantime, little fashion bloggers like myself will just have to invest some sweat and tears into our fashion blogs. Soon enough, soon enough.


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