Where are the Fashion Blogs in the Philippines?

A good, unsponsored fashion blog in the Philippines is hard to search for – in search engines, that is. Go ahead, use the search words “fashion blog in the Philippines” in your favorite search engine and the search results will show a few blog rolls (like TopBlogs), some already well-established blogs (for instance, www.bryanboy.com), fashion blogs not from the Philippines (such as www.dcelestine.blogspot.com), and a few fashion websites that aren’t exactly blogs to begin with.

blogIn fact, I tried entering the phrase “fashion blog in the Philippines” in Google Trends to determine how much it has been searched for. I was surprised as Google told me there wasn’t enough information to provide information. This was a first for me! Everytime I used Google Trends to look up which search terms in Philippine fashion were popular, I always get the same response: “not enough search volume”.

The Google Trends incident just shows that very few people care enough to search for fashion in the Philippines using search engines. I also tried “Philippine fashion” and Google Trends still didn’t have enough information. Maybe people just aren’t that into fashion in the Philippines.

Weird enough, fashion in the Philippines is supposed to be much better now than ever before. More and more independent Filipino designers are cropping up and establishing their names. Fashion in the Philippines is also getting a boost as a result of Filipino designers who have made it internationally, such as Monique Lhuillier and Rajo Laurel. Serving as inspiration to fuel one fashion blog in the Philippines after another, these renowned Filipino designers also give a glimmer of hope to the many hopeful new designers in our country.fashion blog
According to Wikipedia, a fashion blog is an important tool for both designers and style watchers as it is through these blogs that new cuts, silhouettes, fabrics, and trends are spread throughout the world. This begs the question, why are fashion blogs in the Philippines so hard to look for? Shouldn’t search engines be riddled with independent blogs that chronicle all the milestones that Philippine fashion has already accomplished thus far?

Perhaps each fashion blog in the Philippines that has succeeded to earn readers has been sponsored to the point of bias. I have yet to see a fashion blog in the Philippines that makes it in the first page of the Google search results that has absolutely no sponsorship. After all, if a fashion blog starts getting sponsors, it also begins to promote the sponsor’s products regardless of the blogger’s personal opinion. In other words, a fashion blogger’s integrity is compromised once it promotes shamelessly.

fashion blog philippines 3 
Thus, I aim in earnest to establish a fashion blog in the Philippines that, hopefully and with a lot of hard work, will make it to the top of the search roster without ever having to rely on sponsored ads and free clothes from mainstream designers. I’m not saying I shall never promote designers willing to share their beautiful creations (if this even happens); however, I will keep in mind that as a fashion blog in the Philippines, my blog should carry a badge of honesty with it at all times. Wish me luck! ^_^


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